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So what's a B-Nova?

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  • So what's a B-Nova?

    I will Start this off with a big THANK YOU Alan for putting me up on SCI as Manufacturer Direct. Alan was quick with support and encouragement when I first produced my B-NOVA Guide Modifiers.

    I would like to reintroduce myself. So what's a B-Nova? It's just a short version of my name, Bob Novack, making product models and prototypes is what I've done for 25 years now. So B-NOVA models has been the name of my side business for four years. I was the big fish in the small pond at Synergy Systems Inc for 13 of those years as Senior Modelmaker and CNC Programer machinist. There I worked on some high profile products including X-BOX and X-BOX 360 just to name two of the most well known. I have included some pics. I left Synergy about a year before they closed their doors and eventually joined what has become 3D Systems 3D Proparts Seattle. I'm now a small fish in a very big school trying to look like a really big fish. I have given up the modeling end and am just the CNC Programer/machinist for them. A little lower profile (although I still machine the models) but it gives me more time to pursue my passion for slot cars.

    That passion started early as the youngest of six kids with three brothers and two sisters. It was my oldest brother 20 years my senior who kept his Formula Junior in our parents garage who unwittingly installed a love for sports car racing in his 5 year old little brother. I cant tell you how many times he kicked me out of his car wearing his helmet and goggles pretending I was winning the Indy 500! Or the number of times he never new about. 1/24 and 1/32 and HO Slots car sets were handed down from my other two brothers. I got MY first dream set in 1971 Aurora AFX Flying turns from the Montgomery Wards catalog. Slot cars faded as I got my own car in 1976 and didn't return until I saw a GB track Chevron at a local hobby shop then heard about a track at Fantasy World where I heard about the PSSRA and Alan's Track! I had a tremendous time racing down in Tacoma but that price of gas just kept going up and the income was going down and that faded with the economy. Then Gerry Brott moved Red Devil Raceway to Seattle, which is on my way home from the new job, so I've been racing there when I can. I have also been slowly restoring a wood track I purchased from Bob Ward called Daytona West. I've been told it was the site of the first proxy race. I hope to have it up and running this summer.
    It was both Alan and Gerry that wanted something to help repair chassis that were breaking at the guide. As the Scalextric (and others) were being run on bigger faster tracks the forces on the guide stems and connecting rings are enormous as they hit the stops. This got worse when Scalectric introduced the round black guide on their newer cars. I was working on a piece to fill the gap between the hole in a Scalextric chassis and a wood guide for racing on my wood track. I showed it to Alan and he thought it was perfect for repair. I showed to Gerry and he thought it was perfect for guide replacement and damage prevention. So The B-NOVA Guide modifiers were born. Originally I called them Guide Hole Modifiers but GM sounded better then GHM. I have added some new variations and an all new version for SCX and Carrera to my product list. I will be adding more threads and content for each product as I find the time. Watch for some more all new products to come out this year!

    Thanks for looking!
    Bob Novack
    B-NOVA models

    A few pics, x-mas 1971, original Xbox model on the machine, finished original Xbox model. My Xbox 360 models as they appeared in Time may 23 2005.
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    That was a nice introduction and story Bob. I've used your product on two of my cars and are happy with the results. I recently bought your newer set for Carrera and SCX along with a 3/4" drill bit which I just can't bring myself to use yet due to the fact the guide isn't broken. I just wanted your parts to make a better application when needed.

    Joe F.


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      Bob, thanks for putting your ingenuity into a great product. I have used the repair pieces to save chassis that were not available anymore. I will be watching for more innovations from B-Nova in the future. I am a bit of a tinkerer myself and have designed several handling improvement additions that I make from resin. I'm sure this forum would be an inexhaustible source of ideas for more products.


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        A B-Nova (guide adapter) is one of the best things one can add to their Scalextric car.



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          I remember Bob asked about what products we would like to see, which resulted in the new SCX/Carrera kit, and I was very impressed by the short time it took from idea to a finished product, so I ordered up some kits and I am very pleased with the quality and international delivery, great products

          Would love to see more "pictorials" posted with different applications of these kits, so I'll remember to take pics the next time I convert a chassis or scratch a plastic/PCB chassis.

          The Bnova guide kits also make scratchbuilding easier, especially for those of us who are not so good friends with our solder irons Add some SCC front axle blocks and it's very easy to build a high quality adjustable "front end" on a plastic/PCB sheet.

          Wonder when someone will come up with the idea for a rear axle block? A bigger block than the available front axle blocks, with a "key hole" shaped slot that you can slip regular bushings into and use set-screws from the top/bottom to adjust and fixate the bushings at the desired ride height, that would be awesome

          Thanks Bob for making the SCX/Carrera conversion kit!



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            Any tie in to the Bob Novak, of Novak electronics? They make electronic speed controls and recievers for the R/C industry...


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              Originally posted by DrDiff View Post
              Any tie in to the Bob Novak, of Novak electronics? They make electronic speed controls and recievers for the R/C industry...
              Nope I'm the only Bob in my family.


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