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GM-1 and new options!

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  • GM-1 and new options!

    Option one and option five are $4.95. Option two three and four are $4.25.

    The reason for the options 1-4
    The Idea is to use the assortment to pick the size you that works best. You don't have to glue them in to test them. Then use the packs of three more to fill out a set of IROC cars for your four lane track. The other two can still be used for testing or repair.

    The reason for three different platform thicknesses.

    These are also designed to use an original pop out style guide but is harder to do then the universal. The overall height of the modifiers is the correct length for the clip feature to open back up on the far side. A shim would change the length and cause them to bind , so I used the platforms thickness to adjust the overall height. The hole left behind by the Scalectric black guide is deep. It takes a 3/32, the thickest, to fill it and keep guide height same as the Scalextric original.1/16 lowers the front end by 1/32 for tire contact after front tire truing. 1/32 is the thinnest slams the front end down for best handling. To use them with the cheaper priced pop out guide you must drill out the hole through to other side. Glue in a modifier. Then use a larger drill to relieve the back side for the clip to expand.


    One 1/32 platform and two 3/32 platform, thick enough to hold a screw, is the best size for repair. Also included are two new cylindrical pieces, one round and one "D" shaped on the outside.They will cover and strengthen the short flange. These get sliced to chassis thickness for the sandwich repair or used to adjust ride height on a inside the chassis repair.

    Thanks for looking,
    Bob Novack
    B-NOVA models
    [email protected]
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    One of Many

    This is a link to one thread that shows one of the many ways the original B-NOVA GM-1's are being used.

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      I used the thickest adapter to repair the guide holder on my GT40. The one on the chassis had cracked from an abrupt spin-out. I cut it off across the chassis and the B-Nova slipped right in. I drilled an undersized hole to match and used the screw to hold it. It worked fine until I made another sudden spin and the whole front of the B-Nova broke away. I am now using my second one and thinking about making a brass one to protect the car from my terrible driving.


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        I still haven't come up with anything to repair a bad trigger finger and I've been working on that one for a long time. In the repair package I include a short tube and or D shape that can be used to strengthen the small guide circle. I am finding that my GM-2's are the best for permanent repair. It is scary to drill that 3/4 in hole but the glue surface area is so much greater it makes for a strong bond. Their guide hole ring is so much stronger, as they are not made to fit up inside an existing part.