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How to order.

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  • How to order.

    You can order by(PM) the personal message system for members. Or by e-mail to [email protected]
    I will accept payment by Paypal or U.S. postal money orders. I will send a request to a supplied e-mail once I process your order or you can send it to the above e-mail.

    I use candy box to ship now they are .45 each. So shipping up to 5 sets is $2.52 to the US. For Canada and most International destinations $7.00 first class to ship first class up to 2oz (up to 5 sets and a box).

    Bob Novack
    B-NOVA models
    [email protected]

    All my products are now available from 132 Slotcar , Slot Car Corner & Slot Car Corner Canada, and other Slot Car Shops around the world. Check with your local dealer first but they are still available direct!
    Dealer inquiries welcome.
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