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New option for Pioneer

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    Originally posted by Pioneer View Post
    I think you have come up with an excellent set up, Burglar.

    Thanks for posting the results.

    I have set up my Jerry Titus Mustang the same way, actually using the same axles, spur, wheels and tyres. Hopefully the results are similar. I will be racing it in a Trans Am class that the Charger is precluded from. The tyres fit under fine, I did not need to make any mods to the interior. I braced up the front end the same way and converted it to the Slot.It guide using one iof the B-NOVA sets but I did not have any Slot.It bushings for the rear so I did not align it any more than wriggling the bushings to try to get them in the best alignment. I will set the rear end properly later. I trued the tyres with the Tire Razor that I bought from Jon. I will run in one of those new motors for it.

    Hopefully it runs well first time out. The Titus Mustang is a beautiful looking model, I'm a little worried about it getting all scratched up but I have run out of Mustang bodies after using the interior from my black fastback in the RMSResins Cougar
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      Anyone know the thickness (an accurate measurement) of that "C" spacer? I can't get my calipers in there to measure that depth. I've been fabricating my own spacers since I can't seem to find this package. Trial and error is exactly that!!

      I think the GM-1/32 P is specific for Pioneer, correct? That seems to be the packaging with this spacer, per the first post.

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        The GM1/32P is the package of three to order, they are available direct for $4.95 plus shipping. The clips are .098 thick if you want to make them yourself.


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          The Mustang ran really well, although the shorter wheelbase means that the tail can sometimes cross up if you get into the throttle too hard coming out of a turn.

          These clips have made a huge improvement to the Pioneer fitment. I would think that making your own clips for fitting adapters from the old packages is a very good idea, as I found them hard to get right without this spacer. With them everything lines up very nicely. The only issue being clearance between the chassis and guide, which can be achieved through filing.


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            I picked up the Sloting Plus screw fit guide tonight (2 in a pack). I will test fit one to a Pioneer chassis and see whether they can be used with less filing and grinding of the guide and chassis. The distance from the guide post to the front of the boss containing the eyelets looks shorter.


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              Out of production

              Sorry to say the GM-132P's are no longer produced. All remaining stock is in the hands of a few retailers. If I had to guess they my be all sold. The original GM-1 and options are still available. I would like to thank you all for your support.
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