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Scalextric Todco Camaro

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  • Scalextric Todco Camaro

    I've been using Bnova adapters to intstall CH-85 guides in almost all of my Scalextroc cars for the past few months and have had very good luck with them; some fits are tight, some are looser, but all have been relatively easy to install.

    I encountered a challenge with the Scalextric Todco Camaro. It has an altered guide post; different from the ones that I have seen previously with Scalextric cars; including the relatively new Petersen Camaro.

    The guide hole would not accept the Bnova adapter. I ruined two of the 1/32" adapters trying to force a fit between the adapter and the stock guide hole.

    I then reamed out the guide hole with the next larger US drill bit, but it still would not fit. I then took a flat file to the guide post and after working this for awhile I got a good tight fit.

    Is Scalextric changing their guide configuration? If they are, then the current Bnova adapters are difficult to work with in this new configuration.


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    what is old is new

    The Todco Camaro is a new release from an old mold. When that style Camaro was first released they came with a blue guide that had a self centering spring that set into the clip and locked them from popping out. It was a good system but a little to stiff for me. Now they have stopped using the self centering systems on the new versions and they pop out way to easy. My original GM's are designed to fit into the latest round guides. I built up a white Camaro last year and used the GM2 the same way I use them on SCX. I was able to move the guide location forward by almost a 1/4".
    I will try to post some pictures of it this weekend.
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      For older style Scalextric guide replacment

      The GM-1 series can be used for these, Alan made a great how to that can be seen here.


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        On my Todco generation Scaleys I just us a Slot-It wood guide without any spacer. The guide is deep enough that it still allows 3/16" of depth into the slot. The top of the trailing end of the guide needs a bit of trimming with an Exacto or File so it doesn't rub on the underside of the chassis.

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          Instead of a rat tail file you can chase the hole with a #17 (.173) drill or reamer. The B-nova GM-1 selection will set the correct diameter for the post, shim up the guide to the desired height and strengthen that area to help prevent breakage. All in one shot and makes it easy to change guides between plastic and wood tracks. If the original guide hole area is badly broken or you want to move the location forward the GM-2 is the way to go!
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