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  • Application availability?

    I have a Fly Porsche 911 GT1 98 that suffered a broken chassis (Fly B-68) in the area where the guide attaches. Does B-Nova offer a adapter or repair part to correct this issue so that a guide can be reattached?
    Thanks in advance.


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    quide repair

    I repaired a similar Fly car for a friend. I used a B-Nova adapter intended to convert a Scalextric Quick Guide to a Slot-It Guide. It was sort of shaped, like a slice of pie.

    I ground out the old guide post sleeve with my Dremel tool to fit in the B-Nova piece. Go slowly and trial fit so you don't remove too much material. Position the B-Nove piece to get the proper ride height for the front tires using the guide you intend to install. I positioned the B-Nova piece and guide in place, temporary removed the guide, prepared the mating surfaces for gluing wth 100 grit sand paper, cleaned both sides of the glue area with lighter fluid, and glued with JB Weld epoxy.

    After the epoxy had cured and the guide position rechecked, I drilled a 5/64" hole through the chassis and B-Nova piece and bolted them together using a 2-56 flat head screw and nut from Radio Shack. I counter-sunk the flat head screw in the chassis by twisting a 1/4" drill bit into the hole using only my fingers to twist the 1/4" drill bit for better control. Again, Go slow. After a couple of trial fittings I had the screw just flush enough to provide track clearance. If the counter-sink hole is drilled too deep it will weaken the joint. Install guide.

    The car has since seen a bunch of action and some pretty hairy wrecks. I believe the guide post holder will be around longer than the rest of the car.

    Good luck with the repair with the method you choose.


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      Yes the GM-1r package is the best for this. it has some extra pieces that interlock to get creative with. No chassis breaks the same. I prefer Gorilla super glue is not as brittle as epoxy.


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        Thanks, I'll give it a try.