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    Greetings All...

    I hope someone out there can help me.

    I have a (Scaley Sport) Sensor Track that I purchased around 2005. It still works great with Slot Race Manager 2.3 (runs in DOS), and I am trying to make it work with Race Coordinator. Race Coordinator (running in XP) looks fantastic, but the parallel port on that machine (different than the DOS machine) doesn't recognize the lap counting/timing output from the sensors. I tested the port, it is good; and I know my sensors are functioning correctly. I am not having any issues with the power-relay control function or the call button function. I read somewhere that "modern" (i.e. 2005ish) computers, with parallel ports hardwired to the motherboard, are wired slightly differently than on older machines. Not sure what this means, but this could be my whole issue. So I'm looking for info:

    Does anyone know the pin assignments Brent used on the connectors for his Sensor Tracks? I am pretty sure pins 10 - 13 were for lap counting/timing, but I'm not positive. I also need to know if pin 25 was used as a ground for one of the lanes, or maybe a common ground pin. I did not get any documentation from Brent when I bought the (maybe nobody did) - but I thought someone here might have had contact with him at some time regarding this sort of info.

    Additionally, does anyone have a Carlson parallel-USB converter they would like to sell, or maybe trade for one of my unused cars? Brent was selling these in 2010 for about $50...

    Thanks, in advance, for any help!

    Bill W.

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    You might want to post in the general 1/32 section since I don't think many people read this section much since Brent has not been active here in awhile... I did reach him on phone a couple years ago via the phone number posted in contact info off his website. You might want to try that route. I could use the USB converter as well if you make contact with him. Good Lock!
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      You may be able to go to Control Panel, System and Maintainence, Hardware and Sound, then Device Manager to find the port that the sensors are connected to. You can look at the software setup to be sure that it is looking for the right port. I would think that anything that uses a printer or parallel connection would have to use the same pins.
      If you could get your hands on that adapter it would eliminate a great deal of fussing around.
      If you are able to contact Brent Carlson please post something, I am sure that a lot of people would like to know what is going on.


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        I was wondering if this cable would be compatible. I know people use The Carlson Sensor Track with the Trackmate software and interface box. Any expects out there with some ideas? Thanks!


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          That adapter is for connecting a serial device to a USB input, for one thing it has a DB-9 connector while a SensorTrak has a DB-25 connector and is intended to work with a printer/parallel connection. That is also not just a plain cable it has some electronics that are powered from the USB connection. The pins used by Sensor Track would not be the same, but you could make an adapter. First you would have to know which pins on the DB-25 connector are used. Pin 10 is lane 1, pin 11 is lane 2, pin 12 is lane 3 and pin 13 is lane 4, I believe that pin 25 is common. With serial inputs pin 1 is lane 1, pin 9 is lane 2, pin 6 is lane 3, pin 8 is lane 4 and pin 5 is common. Pin 10 of the DB-25 connector would have to go to pin 1 of the DB-9 connector etc., etc..


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            Thanks for the info RichD. I sent an email to Trackmate. I will try to reach Brent Carlson again. I talked to him a couple years ago trying to get him to start taking orders again.


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              I also try to reach Brent Carlson by phone today unsuccessfully and sent him an email. I'll let everyone know if I hear back.
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                Here's the answer I received from Trackmate. So I assume their USB cable will work. :

                You could plug your existing carlson cable into a Trackmate interface
                You will also need the USB to serial**as the Trackmate interface is serial

                Daniel Groulx
                Toll Free 877-756-8227
                Slot Car Lap Counters


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                  I'm sure that this is good news for people that have had their SensorTrak connected to an older computer but now need to upgrade.


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                    FYI to all - I exchanged emails with Daniel Groulx and this was his response to my question about a new Trackmate Interface version coming out soon. "That is correct. The current version requires an usb to serial adapter. The next version will be USB. Available April 20 I hope." This great news and I will be ordering the USB version in April. This also means you would no longer need the Carlson USB sensor converter. Great News!


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                      I have also learned the new Trackmate USB version will not have the 25 pin connection which will be replaced with a RJ45 making it not compatible with my Carlson Sensor track.


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