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Closing Up Shop...Sorta

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  • Closing Up Shop...Sorta

    Hi guys and gals,

    It's a New Year and Devis3D Designs is taking some new directions. We are in the process of 'trimming the fat' so to speak and tightening up our current offerings as we branch out in some different areas. Unfortunately, sales of slot car products make up a very small part of our business at this point, and therefore, is on the chopping block. While dollar figures are obviously a major factor, it's not the only one. Personally, our combined interest in the hobby has decreased as of late, so it makes any 'labor of love' aspect a little harder sell. We know this is a bummer for some of you and we apologize for any disappointment we have caused. We would like to thank the community for the support and feedback over the last couple of years.

    We will be liquidating our current inventory of pods, accessories, and track building tools via a liquidation sale. Info on the sale can be found below.

    Inventory Clearance Sale Prices*:
    Pods/ Adapters/ Front Carriers- $2.49 each
    Special Combos on Old Stock- See Website (link below)
    Hardware- $0.69 each pack of 6
    Track Building DVD- $5.99
    Router Base - $9.99
    Strip with holes - $11.99
    Strip w/o holes - $4.99
    Taping Tool - $24.99
    Router kit - $26.99
    Master kit - $57.99
    *No other discounts apply.

    Best regards,
    Team D3D

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    Will you be selling the routing kit stuff to someone else, or providing the designs online somewhere, with where to find the necessary parts?

    Out of curiosity, whats the rest of the business? All I see on your site is the slot car stuff.


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      How about the design programs?


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        Gentlemen, we are in discussions internally, and externally, about all of our parts and related files. I can tell you that the files will not be made public as there is time and money involved in them. I can also tell you that we are making an effort to make the best decision not only for us, but for the slot community as well in regards to those parts and files.

        Things are a bit hectic at the moment, so if you PM me or post here give me some time to reply.

        Thanks again,


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          Good to hear it's not all just going to be dropped. I look forward to learning of the person/business taking them over from you.


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            This is very bad news -- please let me order some more

            I just read this very sad news and have tried to order at the website - but it did not seem to work???
            If at all possible please let purchase 10 each of the super slimline ff050 inline motor pods and Front carriers.

            Best Regards,
            P.S. i have left a voice mail at the phone # listed at the website.
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              Hi Jack,

              Thank you for reaching out. You are unable to order because we are out of stock on that item, so for now, we cannot fulfill your order. As I mentioned above, we are working on a possible solution for getting some of our more popular parts to the masses, but at this time I have no information that I can share as to the when, how, etc.



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                Same issue, keep us posted and thank you


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                  Any new news on the slot car stuff? What's left in inventory
                  Am intrested in some stuff.


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                    For those that were not already aware, I've taken over the wood track routing tool business from Bibbster / Devi3Designs. You can view the options on my web page. Contact me directly if you are interested in any of the tools.
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