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New Product! compatible Anglewinder Pod for FF-050

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  • New Product! compatible Anglewinder Pod for FF-050

    You asked, we answered...or we're about to anyway!

    Here is a quick shot of an inprocess drawing of the pod. We should have alpha testing done this week and then we'll send them out for beta testing.

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    Here are some new pics. Almost there!


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      I know there is a real reason I need to do this conversion -- but can't think of it right now...?? Is for some class rules I am unaware of?? But cool nonetheless ....



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        The two biggest features for this pod are that it offers weight savings due to the use of the smaller FF-050 motor, and it has a smaller form factor, again, the motor, which allows for use with some bodies where a FC-130 is too big and interferes with the body/interior of a car.

        While there is no class rule for any proxy/race center than I'm aware of, there very well could be once we take this to production.

        Here are a couple more quick shots...


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          You guys are always thinking! Great idea as always.


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            Thank you, Jody. And thanks for your support as well.

            As always, we're here to help the slot car community so any ideas you may have, or personal projects you might want done, send them our way by visiting this page:


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              Alpha testing is complete and things went well. Beta test pods will go out this week. If you are interested in beta testing please PM me.

              Here are some photos of the current test part.

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                That looks interesting and useful. Have you allowed for the gears that have the boss on the other side of the teeth?

                I like to get the pinion as close to the motor bearing as possible but this one looks way out there.


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                  Doesn't look like you have the option of using motor screws.



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                    munter, currently this pod has the motor in the same position as a stock version with a Flat 6 motor. We can most certainly look into moving the motor so that the pinion can be placed closer to the motor bearing, though that will put the motor more off center.

                    Dave, this pod, as with our other pods, is designed to not allow the motor to move once installed, screws are not necessary. The motor will not rotate or easily pop out. Hope that helps clear things up.
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                      Thanks for the answer Mr.Bib. Allowing for all possibilities is not an easy thing.


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                        No problem, sir. Apologies for the delayed reply. Been quite busy in my world lately. If anything develops with moving the pinion closer to the motor I'll post it here.


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                          Just a quick update to let you all know that beta testing is going well. We have three testers and they are all giving the pods a workout. I'll have more info to post soon, but for now, here are some photos from one of our testers.


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                            Tidy workmanship on that there pod.

                            Folks who have been hoping for an anglewinder pod that's designed for FC-130 motors should check out this Thread.


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                              I've been testing the pod for a couple of months. No screws needed, the motors not going anywhere!


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