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NEW! Routing Kits, Taping Tool, and How-To DVD

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  • NEW! Routing Kits, Taping Tool, and How-To DVD

    As some of you are aware via another thread, Luf (oldslotracer) approached D3D in an effort to be able to continue offering the routing kit, taping tool, and instructional DVD to the slot car community. After some discussion with Luf and several meetings with the D3D team as well as some vendors, we've finally reached a point where we can announce that D3D will be taking over the reigns for Luf.

    While we are still a few weeks out from full production, we wanted to make sure that the community knew that these products were still going to be for sale. We've been working with Luf to make sure that those who have tried placing an order are taken care of.

    Barring no unforeseen surprises, we should be ramped up for full production in July. Once we have things ready to ship, we'll make an updated post and add the items to our website.

    Thank you again to all of those who have supported D3D over the past couple of years, we appreciate it very much.

    I will share as much information here as I can, but if you have any questions that I haven't answered feel free to reach out to me directly. My email address is jeremy at devis3ddesigns dot com.
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    Just a quick update to let everyone know that we are still on track to have these items available this month!

    For those that are waiting, thank you for your patience, we appreciate it.


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      I presume pre-orders filled first, and if any additional stock, will be available to all?

      Same price points?

      Looking to get a full order eventually.


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        I have one of the original kits and it made taping my track more precise. I had no difficulty at all in curves giving me a continuous circuit from start to finish.


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          While we have several folks waiting on us to have everything available, we're not taking pre-orders. We'll list the items on our website at which point folks can order what they'd like.

          Final pricing is still in discussion, but I can tell you that it won't be more than what was being charged in the past.

          While we have made a couple slight changes, I assure you that the items we're offering will be just as helpful and have the same quality as what Luf was offering. We've even upgraded some things which I'm sure will be appreciated. Stay tuned...


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            Excellent Jeremy. Sounds like you are avoiding premature launching. Lufs video and equipment have been the gold standard for introducing track building .its great the package will carry on. He is one of the true professionals in our hobby.


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              Thanks, Johnny. Since we are at the mercy of a couple of vendors we didn't want to put a hard date on anything. Besides, most folks in this hobby are pretty patient.

              Luf has definitely made a huge impact on the hobby with these items and we're proud that he approached us to keep the wood track routing flame alive.


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                We're getting closer and things are still on track!

                Thank you again to everyone who has expressed interest and is patiently waiting for us to get the kits and taping tool ready for sale.


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                  As promised, to keep everyone updated, we've had a delay which will put us back approximately one week.

                  Some parts that were delivered were not the quality that we expected so they were sent back and another vendor will be supplying them.

                  Now you know what we know, and again, thank you for your patience. We want to get this right the first time and supply quality items to our customers.


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                    Another update, though not exactly the one I was hoping for.

                    We're still waiting on the redo parts with a date of 8/11/16 as the delivery date. As of right now, we plan to have all the items available for sale on 8/15/2016.

                    I'm sure this is frustrating to folks that have been waiting, and believe me when I say I know how you feel. There is nothing worse than having a track planned out and then having to wait for something to start/finish it.

                    I assure you the wait will be worth it!


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                      Here is the pricing for the components in kit form and a la carte. Shipping is free on orders over $50 within the US, outside the US will be ~$10 USD.

                      • Master Routing Kit (Routing Kit, Taping Tool, DVD) @ $89.99
                      • Routing Kit (Routing strip, router guide strip, and router base) @ $49.99

                      A la carte:
                      • Taping tool @ $46.99
                      • Router base $24.99
                      • Routing strip $24.99
                      • Router Guide strip $14.99
                      • DVD @ $14.99
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                        Awesome news. Been dying for this. When will it be available on your site?


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                          We plan to have everything up on the site Monday, 8/15/2016.

                          Thanks for being patient, Clonefan94, but most importantly, not dying.


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                            Just wondering if the kits are now available for sale. Went on your website and they still are not showing and it is the 15th even in Canada.


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                              Hi Ken,

                              The site should be live today. We hit a few snags but I believe we have it taken care of now. We're still waiting on router bases but should have them by the weekend. Here are some pics of the parts we have to at least show we've made good progress. Thanks for your patience.

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