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NEW! Routing Kits, Taping Tool, and How-To DVD

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    Yes, that's mine and I was thinking along those lines but would rather make sure before making a move on it.

    Thanks for the very quick reply and the excellent kit


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      Happy to help, sir. I'm looking forward to your progress, so make sure you post your track build!

      And as always, let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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        This is the track ready to start routing. It's our first attempt at routing a track and it will be 4 lane with 4" lane centres and a 28' main straight.

        We'll post more when we have routed the track!

        I should add that it is demountable as we can't have a permanent set-up and it has 14 sections connected and aligned by a tongue and groove system with over-centre latches to lock it together, It will have tinned copper braid and it will run at 12.8 volts. Power taps between sections will be by 8 pin DIN plugs using 1.5mm mulitcore cable. Power supplies are silent from CCTV cameras and track voltage is adjustable and we can run in both directions using a 3 position switch for each lane. Lane voltages are displayed on colour coded LED readouts and the race system is RC.
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          Looks like lots of fun and a 28' straight is HUGE! The first track is always the most intimidating. After that one, the rest are a breeze (I finally stopped at 7).


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            We have built it so that we can add on sections at a later date. The track surface will probably be grey vinyl with maybe a polyurethane top coat as we run rubber tyres only, no urethanes or silicones. We are still open to suggestions for track surface!


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              I've always used latex paint for the track surface, either flat or eggshell sheen. Latex seems to play well with rubber, urethane, and silicone tires. So if you ever decide to change tire compound you don't have to change the track surface. Plus latex paint is cheap, cleans up with soap and water, and doesn't smell noxious.

              I sure don't mind, but it may be best to start a thread of your track build, if you haven't already, so that others can find it easier and add their input as well. Plus it keeps all the info about your track in one thread.


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                It is hard to believe that it has been a little over a year since we started making and selling the routing kits. I wanted to personally thank everyone that has purchased one of our complete kits, or the various individual pieces, for making the transition from Luf to D3D an easy one.

                We've sold kits to folks from all over the world, including the USA, Australia, France, Austria, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and Canada, just to name some. So slot car track building is alive and well around the globe! Thanks again for helping us to be a part of it.


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                  That's good to hear.