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Fueling problem with Lane Gate v2 for Pit Lanes

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  • Fueling problem with Lane Gate v2 for Pit Lanes

    Hi, I've installed Pit Entry Lane Gates in each of my two Carrera Digital pit lanes. The first is used for a pace car while the second is 4 track sections long and used for general refueling, etc. The online installation directions were followed closely with wiring adjustments made to both the entry track and the Pit Stop Adaptor units. But now both racing and free racing sessions (using SmartRace) boot up with empty fuel tanks in the cars and racers are unable to refuel when cars move into either pit. The optical eyes seem to be in the proper position beneath the pit lane entry tracks. Has anyone else experienced this? Would greatly appreciate any guidance!

    Many Thanks, Ron

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    Ron let me ask you a question before we get into smart race. If you leave smart race off and power the track up and run the cars til their empty, does the fueling work then?


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      Cars will enter the pits and the lights flash quickly for a short time, much as they used to do with the old Black Box Controller. But neither Smart Race nor the Carrera Racing app register anything but empty gas tanks at the beginning of a race or practice session or after a pit stop "refueling."


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        That shows the fueling function is working without software so that eliminates that. I don't run either so I can't comment any further, but I watch BigT's videos and a lot of times he starts a new race and the fuel tanks are empty. Hoefully he will comment on what's going on.


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          Thanks, Dave for responding to my cries for help. As it turns out, the cause ultimately fell on my misreading of the DRM Lane Gate installation instructions. Works fine now and am now looking forward to some intense racing vs the grandkids -- without all the whiplash rear-enders that otherwise tend to plague life in the pit lanes! :-)


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            Glad things worked out.