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Help with Lane Gate Double v4

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  • Help with Lane Gate Double v4

    Here is my track 16,5m long (I installed only 1left change line, the first one). I decided to install the gate lanes at the 4 places needed, to protect my cars. Carrera complex track straight.pdf

    I first installed the left and right Lane gate and it works fine.

    I installed the 2 Lane gates double, v4 version; did the test as required before installing the first one. Tests were ok
    I did the isolation as required.
    Here is what happened : once the car has going after the flipper, it stops and can’t run until it it is at the power supplier (the second lane changer was replaced by standard strait lines).
    I understand that the inside lanes after the flipper are no more powered. I respected strictly the installation guide.
    Where do I put jumpers to recover power please (I am a rookie with digital track)?

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    ok, I finally figured out the issue. As shown in the installation document step3, I needed to move red and black wires. Step 12 wasn't necessary with my first installations ( right and left lane gate), as a consequence I assumed it was the same with Lane Gate double. Here is my mistake. I checked the continuity carefully and YES... jumper were needed. Now everything is good.


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      to the forum, and glad you were able to solve the problem. I don't have Lane Gates so I couldn't help.
      There is not a lot of traffic on here during the warmer months as guys tend to migrate outside, so things go unanswered.


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        Thanks for the explanation Randy. Anyway, there are a lot of very interesting topics here.


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          Yes there is a lot of great info on here. Sadly, some of the pictures went away with the demise of photobucket, but even some of those threads can still be useful.