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  • RamJet-X Now Available

    Today we can finally announce that the RamJet-X for SCX Digital and Carrera Digital systems is available. You can find pricing at our website. We'll be updating the site over the next day or so to accept online sales, in the meantime you can contact me directly.

    Order more than one and get a random sampling of our available colors: orange, blue, green, yellow and clear (if that's a color)!

    Thanks and happy racing!

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    That's great news!

    Is there any chance you can post a photo of the different colors for comparisons? Kind of like you did for the trigger comparison?



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      I'll get some shots put up here ASAP, and we'll add them to the website as well. Should probably do something showing the relative length of the standard versus long cables, too.
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        Today we have received the first order of eight Ramjet-X controllers for our club members in Spain.

        They look impressive and work even better than the demo unit we tested some weeks ago.

        I would like to thank Monte and Mike for providing this quality product to the SCX-D community.
        Please go ahead with your venture, we are just wishing to test your start/stop light system.


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          Here are shots of each color handle.


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            Received my RamJet-X last week. What a great controller. The fit and finish are excellent. I have yet to test it against the wireless Thumb controllers, but overall it is very comfortable and a nice change. I got the double trigger version with the extended connection cable. Looks like a winner so far. Will post more when I get to test it out. I am very excited because I don't have to worry anymore about marshalls cutting in front of the IR or rechargine those 2.4gz ones. Pretty cool!

            btw, I run on Carrera Digital.


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              I just ordered two last night. Now I just have to get my old analog Carrrera layout taken apart and the new digital layout set up so I can use them


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                Hi Kidd

                I sent you an email to your address from your website!


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                  Thanks Beerz. They will be in tomorrow's mail.


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                    I bought 6. They are great.

                    Ahab out . . .


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                      single or double trigger?

                      Just looking at the thread and the web site.

                      Single or double, what's your preference?

                      Which one sells the most?
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                        My preference is the single finger trigger, but I've also used the double finger trigger and it felt good too.

                        Currently the majority of units have been single finger trigger. Approximately 65% choose the standard cable. But some prefer the double trigger or the long cable.

                        One of our goals was to provide a high-quality controller that could fit the needs of most. So we offer a choice of trigger, cable length and include adjustable trigger spring tension with every unit.

                        Adjustable spring tension is pretty cool but a replaceable spring is even cooler. I have quite a few of the stock SCX units sitting around with broken springs - something I have never been able to source.

                        And that was another goal - easily sourced high-quality parts. So we looked at some choices. Our first prototype was using a PARMA controller. It worked, we didn't really like it. The PARMA frame made things a little clunky.

                        We ended up choosing the DS handle. The standard DS controller is a very high-quality item. If you need an analog controller I can't recommend them enough. It is easily the quickest off-the-line controller I have seen. But I digress.

                        With DS we were able to use the remainder of their best controller parts and wrap them around our board design. Hats off to Earthbound on a fantastic job there! Consider that the DS is a $130 controller and ours sells for about half that using all those same parts we're a steal. I should probably think about that...

                        I spent many years wishing SCX would come up with an improved controller - something that an enthusiast would enjoy. I spent a lot of time adjusting those controllers. If it wasn't those little flimsy fingers losing contact if was a spring breaking. Every time I held a race on the digital track it would be an issue. Those of you that have turned tons of laps know what I'm talking about. I know you do. I've talked to you.

                        When I get through running my cars now, I set down my controller and just smile.

                        We should have done this sooner. But we've done it now, you should wait no longer.

                        At this point we've sold more than 50 units and I'd like to offer a heartfelt thanks to every one of our customers.

                        We appreciate your support.


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                          I know I.m a little late to the party but just found these controllers for Carrera digital I ordered one for myself today.


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                            and I got it in 3 days looks good.


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                              We hope it feels good too.


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