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  • Wireless Controllers on the way

    Howdy all.

    I see that SCX has announced plans to have a wireless controller again. My guess is they won't come to market until at least 2015. That means we'll probably beat them to market with the wireless module for the RamJet-X.

    Our goal is to make an add-on module(s) that will allow any RamJet to go wireless on the SCX system. So users that have already purchased controllers can relax comfortable in the knowledge that your current controller will soon have a wireless option.

    Probably Carrera too.

    I'd like to think our track record so far has been pretty good.

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    Very cool!


    • #3
      Carrera too please!!!


      • #4
        I already own the SCS Wireless system for SCX-D but if you guys produce an small and compact solution for individual controllers (like the CRI from I indeed go for it.


        • #5
          wireless ram-jet X

          I am in the market to buy more Carrera wireless controllers, Do you have a time frame when
          then new wireless ramjet X controllers will be available.

          Are they compatiable with Carrera digital


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            The RamJet-X wireless option for Carrera will be available later this year.


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              You guys are making some nice products, thanks


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                We appreciate the compliment Dave. Our focus has certainly shifted away from accessories for SCXD. Our products for Carrera owners will continue to expand.

                The RamJet-X wireless project was delayed while we worked through some challenges on other products. I'm confident we'll release it this year, but not as early as originally hoped.

                On the subject of Carrera, I got the new 'STIHL' DTM last week - looks great. But I'll be really eager to see the D124 BMW M1 when it is released. I much prefer the Procar bodywork modeled by Carrera and Fly versus the Group 5 bodies that Scaleauto/MSC chose.

                One last DRS update -
                We've been sold out of the Double versions of Lane Gate for a few weeks. Those will be back in stock on our site and at dealers next week. We made some changes to the PCB to improve quality control and frankly it bit us in the backside. In the long run, it's now a better product. In the short term, an entire batch failed testing due to a defect introduced during the design change. The problem has been corrected now and we'll be shipping them again in just a few days.

                Mike and Monte


                • #9
                  Hey M & M - any update on timing for Wireless Carrera D132 controllers??



                  • #10
                    Howdy Ed.

                    Mike's trying to get the Pit Lane version of Lane Gate finished up and then we'll be back to wireless controllers.


                    • #11
                      The last post was almost three months ago. Any progress on the wireless controllers? They will be digital, right?


                      • #12
                        Sometimes progress is difficult and slow. Sometimes it's just a matter of time. This could be both. Regardless we continue forth.


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                          Hi Guys,

                          any update on timing for the wireless controllers?




                          • #14
                            I sure would like to have four wireless controllers as a Christmas present to myself.
                            I hope that they are still being developed and not cancelled.


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                              Wireless RamJet-X is not cancelled, just delayed. I can't give you a real timeline for when they will be available, but we'll miss 2016 for sure.


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