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DRS Lane Gate for Carrera Digital

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  • DRS Lane Gate for Carrera Digital

    Howdy all.

    Here's a couple of video's highlighting our new Collision Prevention for Carrera Digital systems.

    The first video shows the result of three ghost cars running normally.

    The second shows the same three cars running with our circuitry enabled.

    Available through our web site in the next few days.
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    Isn't this the same thing as anti collision chips "AKS" for Carrera D132 / D124 from Henning Hottop in Germany?


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      Yes, probably very similar.


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        Is the lane gate technology still coming out for Carrera digital132?


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          Originally posted by joe racer View Post
          Is the lane gate technology still coming out for Carrera digital132?
          It is, Joe. The hardware for the lane changers has been done for nearly a year. We made some revisions that mean we need to update the installation/support documents before unleashing them on our website. It may seem like a small task, but good documentation requires 10x the time of hardware development.

          It got pushed aside while we worked on other products but there has been recent activity. I think we can realistically state it will be available on our site the week of 8/10. If you are desperate to have it before then, we can work with you offline.
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            They say good things come to those who wait.

            Can we extend that logic to state that better things come to those who wait a little longer?

            One recent customer made a suggestion that made a lot of sense to us. It makes the Lane Gate solution even better. However, it has taken some time to get the additional materials and means revising the instructions again plus swapping in updated photos. It will be the end of the week before these are ready. We are so close...

            Stay tuned.


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              Despite losing power at the workshop yesterday, I think we're still on track. The last-minute addition parts just showed up at the door.


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                I personally have been waiting for you guys to release them officially. Great news. First post on SCI. Reading quite a while. Have lots of Carrera track. Will be posting in carrera forum before final 36 x 16 track plan is installed for ideas on layout. Waiting to hear about the tweak!


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                  After two consecutive days of power outage followed by opening up a wall to deal with a leaking pipe, the week of 8/10 is gone. Fear not, sports fans - the wait is almost over.

                  The time consuming task of revising the installation documents is done.

                  Monte has a little website work to do before these get added to our shopping cart system, but I'm hoping he can finish it tomorrow or Wednesday. He's been busy with some other things, if you didn't already see his announcement of a new proxy series.

                  We've been hard at work on other "solutions", too. In early September we'll be offering two new or improved products.

                  We appreciate your patience and thank you for your business.

                  Mike (and Monte)
                  Digital Racing Solutions

                  ps: our RamJet-X controllers have been on the market for just about one year. Production is about a reach a milestone and I'm debating the idea of painting the 200th controller in a distinctive color. Silly idea or would it become your most treasured possession?



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                    I think it's a cool idea, but it should go to the buyer of the 200th controller, rather than be sold specifically as the 200th controller. Inform the buyer first, in case they don't want an odd colored controller, though.


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                      Way to go Monte! Web page is up and active. Lane Gate is alive.


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                        This is great. Anyway to post (or show it on the website) the instructions/wiring diagram to show what's involved?



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                          I knew I forgot something...


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                            Docs added to both the product and support pages, thanks.


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                              Looks great! It says 4th quarter on the release of the Lane Gate - Pit Exit. Do you think the product will be released early 4th quarter?

                              Best regards,


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