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    Can it handle more than one power supply and still cut out the track power? From the installation pictures it looks like it only works with 1 power supply. Additional would just cut the power from 1, not all 3.

    In the Manual on the web site, on page 8 it states: Set the Power Control and Lights as shown below, but the power section shows "None", is that correct?

    Last question, can you configure PCLC and this device to not allow power until the green flag drops? As in to help my kids so they dont false start as opposed to just letting them take off early and having false start detection set to no in PCLC.

    Thanks for any answers you can provide, I am interested in this product!


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    1. Yes it will work fine with three power supplies. The instructions show cutting the power line AFTER the power supplies so 1, 2, or 3 standard SCX power supplies will work fine as long as you follow the SCX recommendations for power supplies vs. number of cars on the track.

    2. The manual/page 8 is correct, it's how I have mine set up here. If you've seen the video, that's my track.

    3. Yes, my personal thought was that a false start penalty seemed a bit silly if you can control the power so if you connect it as we show then you will get power at race start, power off at race conclusion and track call capabilities so you can pause and restart the race.

    You should consider some RamJet-X controllers as well.


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      Just purchased 2 RamJet-X since you mentioned it. Hah.


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        It is probably worth mentioning that it is also cutting the power BEFORE the track terminal, so if you are running a custom starting grid with 4 or more lanes, it should all still work properly (I think). I'm trying to talk the wife into letting me purchase one for our setup , it looks like an amazing addition (especially when paired with a PC lap counter software)


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          Exactly. We even show you how to keep your SEB interface alive so that reducing power to the track doesn't affect any of the other devices like the Chrono or the LC (thank you power line). And a press of the pause button on the unit (or via external button - check out our Big Red Button) will pause PCLC just as though you clicked the PCLC pause icon.

          After using it here I wouldn't go back. In fact let me say sincerely that the addition of the start light with PCLC and the RamJet-X controllers puts the SCX Digital system on par with all the others as a digital racing environment.

          I used to repair/clean/adjust my SCX stock controllers often. The little tabs would bend, the springs would break. I had a stack of them so we could swap them out when they started acting up. With the RamJet's it's not only not been occasional repair or adjustment, it's been NEVER.

          And that's the way I like it!


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            I'm honestly impressed and a bit confused at how the interface with the computer works. Does the start light connect to the track in any other way than just that one track power wire and the little & adapter in the wall-wart plug?

            It's confusing to me that somehow through that one track power wire you are able to track fuel levels and see when cars cross the grid, but then again I don't know how the "digital" side of slot cars work.


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              Yes. The Start Light also connects to the computer using a special USB cable. And that's how the light, the track and the computer/pclc interface. However, at the track power level, yes, one wire.


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                That's pretty amazing to me that you can tap one wire on the track and somehow decode it into information that can be sent via USB to track those things for 6 cars. Hopefully in the next week or two I'll be able to place an order for one as well. The more we race, the more I find myself wishing I had at least the track-call feature (let alone all those cool things the computer can track....AWESOME!).

                Edit: I'm honestly surprised that the track call feature isn't a button on the pit me it seems just general common sense to be able to cut track power when you crash a car so you don't pile up the other cars into it cuz you're sharing the same lanes
                Last edited by Shoryukev; 10-09-2014, 11:06 AM.


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                  To work with PCLC it relies on the SEB USB interface, which you can get along with PCLC. It connects to the track with two wires.


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                    Ahhh okay, that makes a lot more sense to me now (I knew I was missing something). So the USB cable on the deluxe start light is for the computer to send data out to the start light to control it remotely, not a connection for the track to send data to the lap counter?

                    Is that SEB interface something I can get from you, or is that something completely different? Sorry if I'm hijacking this thread BTW


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                      Sold separately. You can find it either at the PCLC site or directly from the SEB site. Google will find either.


                      • #12
                        Okay cool thank you very much for the info. I can't wait to get my system upgraded and running. Hopefully within a week I will be placing an order


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                          So if I have PCLC I just need to buy the regular version not the Deluxe?


                          • #14
                            No, you will need the deluxe version that includes the USB cable. You will use both the SEB USB cable AND ours. So you will need a computer with at least two available USB ports. That's pretty much everything anymore.


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                              The standard version of our Start Light handles power control for the track, track calls, and race length timing. Race Length can be set from 1-99 minutes. It does not count laps. Use a lap counter to determine the race winner.

                              The deluxe version includes a USB interface. This allows it to work in conjunction with PCLC & SEB. Buttons connected to Start Light will initiate track calls in PCLC and Start Light allows PCLC to control track power. The deluxe version of Start Light can be switched into stand alone mode to work like the standard version for those days when you don't feel like firing up the computer.


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