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A New Line of Limited Edition Resin Cars

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  • A New Line of Limited Edition Resin Cars

    Welcome to Ghost Trax a new line of Resin Slot Car kits. This is the first model offered in their range.

    Unloading from the Transporter box a finished version of their Mazzari Fantasy Can Am Car.

    The kit is beautiful, here shown build, but it comes kit form for you to create your own masterpiece.

    Here is a little more about the Mazzari and Ghost Trax plans for 2013.

    Limited edition to (strictly) 150 ex. Every owner is registered with model number so it'll limit the ability to have a copy for second hand owners in future.
    High tech resin
    All parts are SLOT-IT
    Big power (what do you think of it) and high handling performance
    Lots of details (photos etched parts...)
    Unique exclusive design
    Designed and Hand made in France
    Available in Kit and soon (few days) in RTR model.
    150 euros for Kit
    220 euros for RTR
    Now shipping worldwide, including USA, Canada... from

    Important information about the brand :

    GHOST TRAX will make only exclusive products with high quality and value
    2 range of modular wood trax (1/43, very good for HO and Rally 1/32)
    The Race 1/32 range will be soon released
    A range of track accessories 1/32 : concrete wall (fences and pit lane glass protection will be released next month), road separators and more to come
    1/32 Figurines will be released next month (A beautiful set of grid girls)
    A revolutionary new 1/32 car : the famous BRABHAM BT46 "fan car" is about to be released.

    About MAZZARI :

    It's a WIP comic "saga" project I'm making at this moment. It'll be edited at the second part of 2013.
    It's all about an imaginary Italian family of car constructors.
    The first album is 1974 CanAm
    The website is (it's not all translated at this moment, but it will be in future) with all information about the project
    There will be others MAZZARI slot cars made by GHOST TRAX (the second will be released in June)

    Here is a first edition of the Mazzari, yes it is stunning.

    I am looking forward to this series of cars, some are planned to be actual Can Am cars and some as mentioned above part of this fantasy series, personally I love the idea of this. Now I need to translate the Story Book that comes with this beautiful Slot Car.

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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    More images in the Ghost Trax Gallery

    There are more images of this first in the Story Line of cars from Ghost Trax.

    Here is a link :

    Look out for more news soon.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Kit car images.

      Here is the Mazzari kit.

      Still packed up in the Transporter after the long journey from France.

      The box is open, and the parts are laid out ready to prepare and paint.

      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        Ahhh...this is what I was waiting to see.

        Very, very nice.


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          yes Alan! .. thanks for the info and pictures. Some really nice stuff coming out from France!!

          all my very best



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            Interesting concept. I have the Mazzari site bookmarked - ready to be a fan.


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              Where do we get these kits?


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                From the first post.

                Now shipping worldwide, including USA, Canada... from

                This is a Manufacturer Direct product, so all sales are direct from Ghost Trax.
                Great cars, and a very interesting line is planned, more News coming soon.
                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.



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                  Really? PM headed your way.
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                    Yes really they support SCI

                    Ghost Trax are an advertiser on SCI and I am happy and proud to be able to help them reach a Market in North America, and Worldwide.

                    They see the value of advertising and supporting a professional Site that cares about the Industry, and their cars are beautiful to boot.
                    Alan Smith
                    SCI Owner.



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                      ALan any chance you'll be giving us a review of that car, the chassis looks to be all and the parts first rate, also the resin body looks fairly thin/light. Would be really interested to get a review of the car and how it runs,etc. As far as the RTR it looks amazing and the quality and detail amazing. Original idea on the fictional, family run factory storyline and it sounds really interesting.
                      Good of you to highlight this venture, there's some nice stuff coming from France!


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                        Time permitting I will be testing the Ghost Trax car.

                        I will test the Ghost Trax car as soon as I can. I do need to remind everyone this car features Ghost Trax own detailed Resin Chassis so I will not try to compare directly with a plastic chassis'd car.
                        These cars are beautifully built and finished, or you can by the kit and build to your own level of detail.

                        With parts I expect the car to be a good running fun car but would not in fairness expect it to compare directly will a Alfa for example. However I will test as a benchmark against that car, but I am looking forward to running a series of these cars together. I believe that will be their strength, nor a head to head with

                        More as soon as I can.
                        Alan Smith
                        SCI Owner.



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                          Thanks Alan being resin I understand how they might not compare to but definately racer or simply as you mentioned in their own class and I would just be curious to know how they rate, even on their own as I am interested in getting the kit anyways purely on design and finish/quality and something very unique to build. Your opinion would go a long way to pushing me over the fence!!



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                            Will get into the detail on this car soon.

                            I will get some lap time, and more images of the running gear soon. The finished model is very well done, with metal foil chassis details one of the cool finishing touches.
                            Alan Smith
                            SCI Owner.



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                              I would like a few of the figures for my track.


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