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    Will they be available in RTR form?


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      As we received a lot of demands for an RTR version, the BRABHAM BT46B is now available in RTR version on our site.


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        Ghost Trax are a Manufacturer Direct seller on SCI

        The RTR Brabham is now listed up on their Site at 220.00 Euro.

        The kit is 98.00 Euro for those of you who can build your own Slot Car.

        Stunning cars, I can't wait to test this one

        Three different models available , Watson, Piquet or Lauda.

        Model assembled and ready to drive in lightweight resin BRABHAM BT46B 1978
        The BRABHAM BT46B was designed by Gordon Murray and entered grand-prix in 1978.
        Since its first appearance at the Grand Prix of Sweden the car had wins in the hands of Niki LAUDA, thanks in part to its revolutionary turbine system it provides outstanding handling standards. Also driven by John Watson, the "FAN CAR" as it was then called was declared non-regulatory and had to abandon its turbine, and entrust its destiny to the ALFA-ROMEO 12-cylinder Boxer engine.
        The BT46B Version "FAN CAR" reappears in 1979 at a charity race (Gunnar Nilsson Trophy) at Donington Park with Nelson Piquet at the wheel.

        Due to the fact these are hand made to order delivery time may vary. Ghost Trax will communicate via email as to delivery time in each specific RTR model.

        Buy it now link :

        You do need to sign up on the Ghost Trax Web Site to purchase these items.
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        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Just got my kit. Awesome. Now I need to find wheels and tires as in the reference picture and decipher the French instructions...yikes...


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            Yeah, got mine, too. Not too happy about the packaging, though. When I picked it up at the post office, I looked at the way it was packaged and said to myself, "If there is a case in there, I expect to see damage." Sure enough. The kit itself is fine, but the tin's lid is a mess, crushed pretty good.

            Guys, the item being shipped can't be taller than the box it's in, and still expect it to arrive safely.


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              Interesting. Mine was crushed too. The packing was horrible.


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                Yeah, the packaging was typical for shipping a book. A book's packaging doesn't need any structural integrity -- the book IS the structural integrity. Doesn't work here, especially with a tin box that will be permanently deformed.

                Guaranteed to make collectors unhappy, but not necessarily a big deal for anyone else.


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                  Originally posted by arbe999 View Post
                  Just got my kit. Awesome. Now I need to find wheels and tires as in the reference picture and decipher the French instructions...yikes...
                  On their web site it gives a list of all required parts for the kit assembly including the part numbers for the guide, wheels and tires.

                  Take another look.


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                    I know. I get that. The actual construction of the kit is in French. I can use google to decipher it no problem.


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                      Nicolas, I want to thank you for the generous offer to send a new case.

                      Personally, my biggest concern is changing the shipping method so future buyers will be happy. It just means using appropriate-sized boxes and shipping material.

                      The willingness to help, though, is what will keep me coming back. I know that if there's a problem in the future, Nicolas will do the right thing.


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                        The tin lid on mine had a little dent in it when it arrived. Nothing extreme and I used a small hammer to push the dent back out. Ditto on the instructions in French, but as you say I can google the translation, plus I took some French back in high school, so I think I can muddle through it.


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                          Thanks for the new case as well...I wish it was full however


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                            Does the fan work as standard kit or do you have to add more bits and alterations?


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                              Hi North America !
                              I'm about to end a "HowToDo" in english. I think it will be on our GHOST TRAX website at start of next week. Maybe it'll help some of you in mounting that kit.

                              S.O.F the "operable" fan is a standard feature of our kit. Don't need to add anything.

                              Just for information : saturday we've done some running tests on the tracks (two 6 lanes wooden tracks of 40m length) of the "Coupe de France Slot Racing Analogique" with both Mazzari CanAm 74 and Brabham BT46B. Our 2 cars were realy extremly fast and as easy to drive as usual. Just as fast as competition cars .
                              Definitely guys, GHOST TRAX cars are really cars to race with : don't let it in your showcase, it would be a sin !


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