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Studio-65 a new Manufacturer and a great story.

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  • Studio-65 a new Manufacturer and a great story.

    A TTAC Reader’s Project Car…In 1/32 ScaleBy Derek Kreindler on October 26, 2013


    TTAC reader and contributor John Kit isn’t a big commenter, but for good reason. When he’s not driving his 1993 Miata, John likes to race slot cars. His own home boasts a track modeled after the Spa circuit and has live timing equipment available for use – and now John and his daughter Emma have launched a slot car line of their own.

    John’s first creation is a 1/32 scale Jaguar XK120, hand built by John and Emma, with a resin body and a brass chassis. Most of the work was done by Emma, who learned how to make molds, pour resin, paint and solder. The cars you see here are the result of her handiwork.

    For more on this story please visit the Front page of SCI here :

    This story first appeared in
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Great looking cars

    They really look great.

    Is there room in there for a Carrera chip?

    Any future plans for a coupe?

    My brother had a '52 Coupe in real life (1960). I learned how to drive a stick shift with that one. Wasn't stock either. He converted it to a real runner with a Chevy engine.

    Would love to here more of this story, availability etc.

    Great job Emma.



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      We had a great day at our first time at the Canadian Slot Car show today.

      Special thanks to SCI (Mr. Smith) and all of the members of the forum and those members who came up to us to talk and were so wonderfully supportive of our effort.

      As you can see, we are just starting to build our product line with the 120 as our feature product.

      Don, the 120 is currently an analogue car, we have not yet tried to add any digital chips as of yet.

      We have to explore this and other suggestions we received today.

      Great story about your brother's 120! Do you have any photos?

      Availability - We are pleased to say that we still have two cars available. Sales have been beyond my (our) expectations and the feedback we received today at the show was extremely positive.

      Thanks very much to you Don and everyone who has been so supportive of this effort.

      Emma (and John)


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        Fantastic news regarding the show! Glad to hear that sales have been beyond expectations and the feedback was very positive I look forward to receiving the pair I ordered -Gary


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          Gary, thanks very much for your post!

          Your cars were just dropped off at the post office.

          Please let us know when they arrive.

          John and Emma


          • #6
            Okay, great! I will let you know when they arrive. I am looking forward to their arrival. Thanks again!


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              We live in BC and I'd love to try your cars...couldn't find any details on line to purchase????


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                And what is the plain resin body on the table?


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                  The plain body is a Lola t-70 prototype in 1/32 scale.

                  It is an accurate 1/32 body and a potential project, we were trying to get some feedback from the show attendees to see if there was any interest in it.

                  Johnny, please PM us for purchase details, our web site is in the process of being built. We would love to hear from you.

                  John and Emma


                  • #10
                    PM sent...and build that Lola ! keep em rolling Emma...


                    • #11
                      My blue Jag arrived today..well secured in its case with foam and bubble wrap, and the case itself bubble wrapped in a good box...a week door to door to where we live is just fully satisfied with the build quality and design...runs well on my carrera track ....bit of float for the body which sits nicely...good paint and well executed details ..all in all it's value for money and I will be keen for any future issues or other liveries...



                      • #12
                        Can't we ask how much they are?


                        • #13
                          John, we are so happy to hear that you are pleased with the car!

                          Thank you very much for taking the time to post on our forum and for your current and future support.

                          Emma (I help a bit) is building as I type in the workshop!

                          There will be more to come.

                          Wheelszk, outside of Canada, the cost of the car is $175 USD which includes shipping.

                          Thanks again,

                          John and Emma


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                            On another site I saw a picture of the underside of your Jag, and I thought to myself, I've seen that chassis design before. Sure enough I found the posts you made last year for your front engines Sprites. Any chance of those being a future Studio-65 product?


                            • #15
                              They run least mine does...Emma is doing a fine job...


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