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  • Welcome to SCI SweetNovember68

    A very interesting product has been Manufactured by SweetNovember68 motor brushes for the Scalextric Formula Junior motors.

    Pricing is very reasonable with 1-10 pieces shipped for under $7.00 each ( subject to exchange rates )

    I am sure Anna will come online and post more information about this product and the efforts involved in making Scalextric Formula Junior motor brushes available again. I know I will be buying some

    Here is a Formula Junior motor so you know what these fit.

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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Scalextric Vintage FJ Motor Brushes : New

    Thanks Alan for that kind introduction.

    Just briefly :

    Realising that there are a great number of Scalextric Formula Junior Cars idling away through not having any brushes - and that these are no longer available, I decided to produce some...which was not easy considering the size - the brush part being just 2mm square.

    Well two years later and after a lot of testing together with a top-class brush producer based in Germany, these diminutive brushes are available once again.

    Made from an Oxygen free copper material (GP14) - these brushes are far superior to the carbon ones of old :

    1. Current Loss is minimized
    2. Reduced arcing between brush and commutator
    3. Grime and dust reduction on commutator
    4. Increased longevity
    5. Profiled - ensuring maximum contact with commutator
    6. Strong weld to arm (so they don't fall happened previously)

    Tests proved that a much lower current was needed to get these small motors to get going - and that they ran cool - which is always a success.

    I'm very happy with the results - and will use all of the learnings gained to produce new types for other motors. Please do send me any untypical requests - and I'll factor these in.

    1 pair = 14 USD + 1 USD Postage. No additional postage costs for additional quantities.

    For more that 1 pair - I am happy to quote you directly. Please PM me.

    Via PayPal :

    Questions : do let me know should you have any questions regarding these brushes or any development work.

    Kindest regards Anna
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      Scalextric Formula Junior Brushes : Postage Costs

      In response to a number of questions from all of you regarding postage costs to places around the world - then I can confirm that I will maintain the 1 USD per order no matter the destination.

      So no matter where you are - all you would have to pay for postage is 1 USD.

      Not bad eh ?

      Kindest regards Anna


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        I have recently received a few pr. of these brushes, and after a short initial test, I can confirm that the manufacturer's claims appear to be on the mark.....somewhat rare these days.

        They popped in with no tweaking, and after a quick comm clean, the little FJ's took off better than new........if you are looking to replace some worn or missing brushes, or are looking for an increase in performance from these little cars, these are the answer.

        As an added bonus, Anna is a delight to deal with!!

        Chris Walker


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