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Tire Razor and Sanding screens

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  • Tire Razor and Sanding screens

    Does anyone use just sanding screens for both rubber tires and silicones. If so what protocol do you use and what grit screens do you use?

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    I had screen on a sanding block and it works well for sanding any tire compound I was using a medium
    I think fine would of been better.

    I mostly run PG Tires and those I like to use 1500 grit wet\dry automotive sand paper

    Try some fine and see how you like it, don't forget to round the edge of the tire, on sillys I found a Bik Razor works well

    No matter what your sanding block has on it when sanding sillys keep low pressure on your tires, keep the sanding block moving back and forth, have a little soap water handy to clean and cool the tires

    Hope this helps

    Let us know what you did


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      Hey faster...
      Did you see this: