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The missing can-am bodies

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  • The missing can-am bodies

    Hello.........First I would like to say that I believe the bodies Victor creates are the best available. I have 3. Thought that I would make a list of the can-am car bodies I would really love to see put into production.

    Hopefully others will chime in and give there 2nd & 3rd. We just may convince Vic to add them to his growing fleet of can-am car bodies.

    If anyone else has a can-am's they would like to have done please fill free and add it too. I'm sure that I will miss a few.

    Now to start scanning & adding pics. Thanks for looking: Joel

    1970 Shadow MK I

    1967 Caldwell D7
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    A few more........
    1969 Ford G7A

    1969 Mac's-it Special

    1969 McKee

    1974 Ferrari 712M
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      You are asking them to spend an awful lot of money to make masters and pull bodies. How many of each are YOU going to buy?


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        The Can-am era was really something. I missed it all!

        That's why I think I am interested in making some of these as bodies. I have a DVD narrated by Sam posey one of my best films.

        Looks to me that a lot of cars bodies changed from one race to another.


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          I hope none of the slot manufacturers ever produce that Shadow MK I!

          Jim Norton
          Huntsville. AL


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            Victor.......... I have 5 or 6 can-am DVDs. Send me a PM with your address and I will burn you some copies. Just trying to light your fire.



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              Go RETRO

              I like the injection molded bodies best as many do but the TrueScale bodies have their place in the roots of our hobby. A class of well done bodies by TrueScale would make for some great Can Am racing and they can look phenomenal with some work. So I suggest they make as many types as they can to fill out the field including the Shadow go-cart. Now wouldn't that be an interesting proxy, brass frame with a TrueScale body and a reasonable motor! Don't forget, Group 6 cars did run in the Can-Am and there are some very very cool cars there as well. Being a big fan of the underdog my favorite was the BRM P154 misfiring around the Glen.


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                1970 BRM P154

                1971 BRM P167

                Biggy......I normally just use the vacs for recasting when nothing else is available, but I would be game for that proxy. Good idea.



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                  Make them all Victor and we will buy!


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                    Hi Barney, I'm trying! These patterns are about 20 years old. It would be nice to work on them again.

                    "P154" just lit a fire under me.

                    I have the BRM P154 somewhere . That was a neat car.

                    A Proxy could be fun.


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                      AA Bodies in the UK catalogs a BRM P 154 in resin.

                      The fiberglass option costs another pound.
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                        I have AA's body in resin. Over scale and just a slush casting.


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                          Originally posted by 1/32 slotter View Post
                          I have AA's body in resin. Over scale and just a slush casting.
                          That's too bad. I had hopes that TrueScale might have something to work with. It reads like that AA body would take more work than it's worth.


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                            Originally posted by Jim Norton View Post
                            I hope none of the slot manufacturers ever produce that Shadow MK I!

                            Jim Norton
                            Huntsville. AL
                            too late, I have one around here somewhere, I believe it's by Betta UK, lexan - I will post pictures if I can find it


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                              Yes Betta makes one. Grossly over size.


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