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IR connections with Race Coordinator

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  • IR connections with Race Coordinator

    I’ve been playing with a demo of the Race Coordinator software and really like it! I’ve been using the VRS system I’d purchased in 2000 and it is pretty stripped out – I really like the features in Race Coordinator, especially the fuel useage.

    I’ve got the parallel cable with IR’s from the VRS system and after attempting to figure out the Race Coordinatorsetup I’m really not sure what the differences are between the Status/Reference/Control Registers is.

    My current VRS cable is wired as such:

    In RC, my Expert Track setup under LPT1 shows the following in GREEN:

    Lane 1 = s3 pin 15
    Lane 2 = s4 pin 13
    Lane 3 = s5 pin 12
    Lane 4 = s6 pin 10

    All "common" wires are connected together at pin 25 - my understanding is this is the ground.

    None of the sensors will pick up any laps in this configuration.

    Will I have to re-wire the pins or will this work with RC? If so, can anyone help me through the setup?


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    Stop Doing That

    Even though this post does not relate to our product or what we offer we like to help If we can::

    Remember the story A guy tells his doctor ..."When I move like this it hurts" so the Doc says "Then dont move like that"....well its kind of like that ....RC is seeing your sensors as 10,12,13 15 which is how you have the connector wired BUT you get no action via lpt1....( given lpt1 is in your device manager settings) OR ::

    Try Wiring them to the track mate standard of 10,11,12,13 grounded to pin 25 (you may need to indicate you are using the t.m. standard, like in lap timer 2000 rms?)and see If you get triggering. When you open the Track Expert the connected icon should be on as well and in settings via change of indicator color when the sensor is covered and uncovered....

    Somethimes its the simple things....otherwise you might want to ask in the RC forum about RC software settings for VRS configuration/pin out...If supported by RC??.



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      Dave I have one track down here running on RC using the parallel port and no interface.
      Sensors are connected to pins 10,11,12,13. with the earths to pins,22,23,24and 25. I did not us a common earth to ensure there was no cross feed.
      I will have to check where I have the relay connected,


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        You can ground to 4 ground pins (pins 25 to 18 are grounding points) and is a clean way to keep each sensor isolated by ground points But I have never had any "Cross Feed" which I think the poster mean "cross talk" which is an old telephone complaint when you could hear others on youur phone line and very early on a PC network complaint ....BUT the is not an issue if you are using the proper sensor cables such as twisted pair....or shielded twisted pairs IF there is a great amount of electrical fields near by....and or emp's ...DC power on the track rails is not nearly enough to cause emp issues.

        In general using the proper stuff you will not have cross talk / feed...and or dont use cables that are not twisted pair and you will be fine. As well the ground at one pin or more is a static ground which does not change state when a sensor trigger happens...Only the non ground pins change state BUT a poor ground will cause problems every time..that could be mistaken for cross talk/feed, weird triggering etc....and or damaged or pushed back / short connection pins in the connector or the PC ...both are a Heavy hand issue such as disconnecting connections by pulling on the wires rather than the connection housing or not being gentle when connecting and disconnecting cables...stuff like that is way more common for causing issue than old school cross talk problems....

        I really wish we all could move on from this very very old issue
        (cross talk/feed) that was resolved long ago by the above info and use of modern hardware supplies and techniques ...and or just buy one of our Plug & Play systems



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          VIASUE - thank you for your help. I'd been under the impression you were connected to Race Coordinator.

          Phil - Thanks! I'll give that a shot tonight.


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            Viasue & rc

            You are correct in that Viasue and RC have joined together, teamed up to provide our USB Solution for lap Counting and lap Timing. Here is a link to our USB / joint web site for greater detail....but generally speaking we usually do our customer trouble shooting / customer support VIA our Direct Email Support from Viasue for hardware and RC for Software....this way not using SCI Forum resources / and band width etc for our direct client support....We try to keep it kind of light in this forum...often the first contact folks have with us here at SCI is for pre sales info and things like that.BUT For support we always redirect to our email support resources.

            BUT RC does have a forum for their software only which is the best way to get Dave's attention for general software related questions and or general support...I would not want you to think he is not replying to you or for you to think I am he etc.

            He does not get notice for posts at our forums....and as mentioned VIASUE supports hardware for our Printer port systems and the VIASUE-RC USB Hardware support....Otherwise RC / Dave is the best go to source for questions related to his r.m.s. = RC, for settings or general how to , FAQ etc etc. Given Dave is the best source we do not try to speak for him unless it is related to our joint USB project and at that usually for USB installation type support only via our email support resources / data base /cc inclusion / spell check etc etc. and we cant easily do those email type procedures in the forum setting

            Last edited by VIASUE; 10-14-2014, 04:01 PM.


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