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Aurora Slot Car Thunder-jet Blue '65 Mustang Convertible

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  • Aurora Slot Car Thunder-jet Blue '65 Mustang Convertible

    I purchased this in a grab bag of Hot Wheels cars, the seller told me they came from an estate sale where they had been sitting in a basement for some time. I know absolutely nothing about these cars so I have added some well lighted, magnified pictures. The only flaw I see is that the driver has been decapitated. The detail on the car is amazing!

    If you are interested in buying, please message me with an offer. Shipping (inside the U.S.) and Insurance will be included. I will be away from my phone for a few days (vacation time finally) but will respond immediately upon my return.

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    Well, I'm out. It's on e-Bay already. Not up to what I would have bid but still has over 6 days to go. Just remember, 15 to 20% to e-Bay & PayPal.


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      Just a reminder about SCI Rules.

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