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Summer Shutdown SALE!!!!

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  • Summer Shutdown SALE!!!!

    For the remainder of the season everything in the store is 50% off.

    The Final day of the Sale/Season will be Sunday May 5, 2019.

    Thanks to everyone that came out this year. Fist come first serve, In Store Only.

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    So this is an advertisement for 50% Off all items in your store - but you have to be present in the store...? What's the point of posting this in a forum on the internet if only .05% of people seeing this can visit...?
    That blows because I want to buy that black Ferrari #30 in your advert...
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      Ron at Racehaven is a great guy to deal with (I know from experience), and they're a long time supporter of SCI.

      Frankly, I think they're entitled to have any sort of sale they want to put on (just like any hobby store in California, for that matter) - and I'll bet their local customers appreciate this opportunity.

      Perhaps if you took a less demanding and more respectful tone, you would be able to negotiate the purchase of that black Ferrari at a mutually acceptable cost.

      You might even want to pick up some other items at the same time, in order to amortize shipping costs, if Race Haven are ready to work with you on this to your mutual satisfaction.


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        I wasn't being demanding or disrespectful at all. I called them before their closing hours and got the answering machine, FYI.


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          Actually it does come off that way.


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            Hello dinglebery. Quite the name you have there.

            The Picture for the sale is just that, A Picture for the sale to get attention. I see it worked for you. The Black Momo car is not, and never will be for sale.

            Thanks for your interest, this sale is for the patrons of my store that have supported me throughout the years. It was posted on SCI to get their attention. If some long distance people happen to see and and want to make the trek Great! They would have 3 weeks to get here, more than enough time.

            Again, Thanks for your Interest and I hope to see out.



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              Thanks Ron for the response and explanation! If I were retired and had the time I would definitely come visit! Do you do any online sales? Perhaps an ebay store?
              Can you give me some details on the Black Momo car - is it a one-off or was it manufactured, and by who? I think I see a Slot.It decal on the front...? I can't find any info on it... Thanks again!


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                I do not sell online. Lots of people doing that already. At one point I had a Ebay store and when a dispute was raised about one of my items, Ebay refunded the buyers money and I never got my item back. Then Ebay charged me for the refund. At that point I was permanently done with Ebay.

                The Black Momo Car is a 24th scale NDW carbon body on a NDW Kimmy chassis, super rare stuff all from the Netherlands bought many moons ago. As far as I know NDW is no longer in business. It was hand built and painted by myself. I probably spent over 200 hours building it. On the old SCI forum I had a thread that had a bunch of my builds in it including the black Momo car. Unfortunately the pics never transferred over in the forum change........oh well.

                Again, Thanks for your interest.



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                  I've had the same thing happen to me, Ron - and now only buy from sellers I've already purchased from, or ones with excellent history. Wow that car looks amazing! You did a tremendous job on it! I did some research on NDW and the chassis, it's waaaaay out of my league! lol Thanks for sharing!


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                    In time I'm sure old post and pictures will be archived, patience young Jedi.....


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                      That's good to hear, Darren, because I'm sure that Ron had some 1/24 Chassis Jig type photos (his SCI Album of cars was awesome in the extreme) and I know that Dingleberry would appreciate them.

                      This is a time for 1/24 to come back into its own for both home and club use, I reckon.