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Help with pricing.

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  • Help with pricing.

    Hello everyone!

    While living the single life in California my roommates and I were big into Carrera scene. Over the last two years I have gotten married and moved back to my home state of Michigan. My slot stuff has been sitting under the stairs for over a year untouched and I would like to just part ways with it all.

    Now I have no idea what any of this stuff is worth, so I will list out everything I have and if anyone could tell me their best guess as far as resale value, best place to sell a lot like this, and anything other insight you could provide I would surely appreciate it!

    It wont let me attach the photos in my post, here are the pictures

    Track Peices
    -Digital 132 Control Unit with 2 controllers
    -Evolution Control Unit with 2 controllers
    -(15) Standard Straights
    -(2) 1/4 Straight
    -(2) 1/3 Straight
    -(20) 1/30 Degree Curve
    -(2) Lane Change Sections
    -(1) Double Lane Change Section

    -Digital Lap Counter (20030355)
    -Digital Appconnect Blutooth Adapter
    -Digital Race Solutions USB Interface V2

    Most of the cars are well used, beat up. The only one not working was the Haribo Porche.
    -Carrera Chevrolet Corvette C6R Vodafone, GT Open 2013
    -Carrera Dodge Charger 2006 'Police'
    -Carrera Ferrari F138 "F.Alonso, No.3"
    -Carrera Infiniti Red Bull Racing RB9 "S.Vettel, No.1"
    -Carrera Carrera Porsche GT3 RSR Manthey Racing 24h Nürburgring 2011 "No.18"

    Thanks again everyone for the help!!

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    do you still have this stuff


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      This guy hasn't posted since Jan 2017, pretty much since this thread was created.