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  • Lost passwords

    Is there a way to recover passwords to a new email address?? Or confirm to a administrator my identity to post again or should I just start fresh? Thanks


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    Tim, try contacting our site host Alan on or email to [email protected].


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      OK. Thanks.


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        Tim, I just did a quick test to log in, and there's a 'Forgot Password or User Name' link there; it appears it can be sent to whatever email address you provide. While I can't identify a password I can provide any other Yuccie Tim info if you need it, just send me a PM.


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          Since we talk about passwords and accounts: my browser says the website is insecure so passwords are sent in plain text ...

          Getting a certificate isn't that hard and don't cost that much, maybe you guys should look into it? With https at least everything is better protected.


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            We really need https Alan.


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              I cannot activate https right now as features related to recovery work will not allow https. I am working on this but I have other issues to resolve first.
              The Site is secure at the Server level but if I activate it log in will not work so you will not be able to post.
              Please be patient this is an issue I am trying to resolve right now. But it is not as easy as some may think. I have switched on https in the past with the new software, and it works fine, but the Front page and other features I am working on cause log in issues so no one could use the Site.

              Please give me time I am working on this and many other things on SCI.

              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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