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    Last edited by jim; 11-12-2013, 07:29 PM.

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      Jim, you have enough posts that you could use your if you want to. Very quick to upload to that.


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        Thanks Paul,

        I'm not familiar with that function. Can you enlighten me?



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          I'll send you a PM Jim...... Click This This is one way.....

          The other is to left click the IMG box (5 down) then right click the highlighted IMG box and copy. Go to your post and paste it there all by itself and WAMMO it's there! Good luck.
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            Originally posted by jim View Post

            I'm not familiar with that function. Can you enlighten me?
            Click on your 'My Album' button and it's pretty much self-explanatory. If you get stuck, just holler!


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              Jim my "Click This" in blue in post #5 just goes to the picture you posted in your photo bucket.....


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                  If you want to upload from your Photobucket, grab (copy) the 'Direct Code' (might look like this: then click on the image thingy that looks like this then delete the unnecessary http:// from the little box that pops up. Next, paste that there direct code into that same box, click on OK et voila!


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                    OK.... no delete anything....just cut and paste.


                    Go and sign in to your Photobucket account.....

                    Go down to the 5th box seen here as "IMG" (not IMG thumb that is the 6th box)

                    Email & IM........BOX
                    HTML thumb....BOX
                    IMG.................BOX (this Box)
                    IMG thumb

                    ..... there is a box to the right.....

                    Left click in the box...... it highlights in blue... stay there and right click.....

                    Brings up a window..... left click on copy .....

                    Go to your post and just left into the post and right click on Paste....

                    Nothing else to do and the pic will appear when you "Submit Reply"

                    Last edited by HarVWallbanger; 11-19-2013, 03:57 PM.


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                      Harv, sometimes there is more than one way to achieve something.

                      I only mention this because I put that picture in my post from Jim's Photobucket using the method I suggested. So for me, at least (Using Windows XP, Vista, or 7) - it works, quick and simple!


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                        Whatever works for you but.... Try this WET it is much easier and faster. I PM'ed him and he is using a iPod is the problem I guess because it is not a mouse...... My phone is so old it has a rotary dial.....

                        Oh and there is always another way to do the same thing....... HA!


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                          I want a phone like that ...

                          Yeah, funnily enough Jim sent me an email just before mentioning he was using an iPad so hopefully your method will work - if so, I'll have to try it myself, I wouldn't have a clue how to do it with that device.
                          And I have a lot of bananas to post in my Photobucket ...


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                            I use a 'puter with a real mouse so that make's it easy....
                            I don't know anything about them'thar new fangled "smart phones"

                            Tell me Wet if 'dem dang phones is so darn smart why do they butt call everybody??????
                            My dang phone has never been called smart or butt called anybody'z!


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                              Last edited by jim; 11-24-2013, 04:25 PM.


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