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    Last summer we had a family get together in a community hall and a laptop with access to Spotify. Requests for songs were asked for, the Grandkids were loving it, one or two singing along karaoke fashion when lyrics were available.
    Fanfare was one I put in the playlist and when it was playing my 10 yr old Grandson said "WHO'S THIS!!!"...I think he liked work here is done


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      Well, my old friend Stephen - a man I've known since we were 14 years old - stopped by today, and we sat out on the lawn (socially distanced of course). - to enjoy a beer. It's just so good to have a good chat with someone, these days. And it's great that he was able to visit, because we realized that we were both at the same rock concert, 48 years ago today, now that we're (ulp!) 65.

      So, with a nod to bluetoes, who I'm sure will appreciate the video, here's the tune the Stones used to open the '72 tour (only this version was done in Texas instead of Vancouver).


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        Let's see if this works ...


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          WELL !!!!! I have to lodge several complaints

          1) Firstly, there is the obvious slur implied against all pirates with one short peg leg. We are trying to stand up straight, and this song just drags us back down into the gutter.

          2) The commission against 80s hair thinks at least one, possibly two people pictured were lampooning them, and want the video taken down

          3) The guy 2nd from left with the long blonde hair appears to to be mimicing a high school girl, which is rampant breach of the personal freedom and right of bavarian hedgehogs to conduct themselves without being ogled by members of the antarctic braille society. Someone must pay for this outrage. I am going to get Greta to start a new movement.

          In short, the lack of sensitivity by the manufacturers of the video camera used to shoot this video requires a boycott of their office in Trans-Siberia. They should have known this would happen and thrown themselves and their ancestors off the Mayflower.before it arrived in american waters to prevent the emotional damage my unborn grandchildren will undoubtedly discover when they read my brain scans.

          Paul, you of all people, a pensioner. You should know better by your age.


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            Well, I shall have to be more careful.

            Just want to see if this linking system works ...


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              Hate it when you leave (an old favourite) revisited ...


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