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  • SCI Log In Issues

    Lately, I'm having issues with staying logged into SCI. I'll log in. Visit a thread. Write up a post. And then I get a message that I must log in before I can submit a post. This happens repeatedly.

    Is anyone else having this problem?


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    Must be on my end.


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      Steve, you're not alone, look here. Please note Post #12 which includes links to other related threads, and possibly useful info. No doubt the boffins are working on it. Paul


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        Thanks Paul! I've been having so many issues with my computer. Good to know this isn't one of them.


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                Say what?
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                    I am having the same trouble, every click of the mouse logs me out. It did it the other day, then worked fine, doing it again now


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                      Same problem for last week or so

                      As above. Every time I enter a thread, I have to log in again

                      Not happening on either of the other forums I visit which use the same basic software platform, so I don't think it is due to an issue on my PC.

                      Browser = Firefox,

                      Updates = latest continual
                      Security level = medium
                      Security Software = Not telling, but they are top shelf


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                        And I had to log in again just to submit the post, even though I was logged in while typing it

                        - but Post Quick Reply worked okay


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                          Cloudflare is the issue. There are threads about it.

                          Folks just have to remember, after composing a Post or a PM Reply, NOT to hit 'Submit' right away, but to block/copy all they've just created. Crtl+A makes this quicker using a PC.

                          That way, if you do submit and everything seems to have disappeared, you have the content 'saved' in your mouse and can easily get it back again.

                          With some browsers, just using the back arrow will bring back your words of wisdom (or SlotsNZ's stuff) and you're back in business.

                          Yeah I know it's a nuisance, moments of my own brilliance have been lost to the ether before now (you'll just have to trust me on that) but unfortunately necessary due to DDoS attacks on our site.

                          Incidentally, we're far from using the regular V-Bulletin software, it has been much modified.


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                            It is a pain in the butt, and unless fixed will see a big decrease in content,just because it is so frustrating having to log in again just to reply or post.
                            It is not a browser issue,or PC issue.
                            It is also not the age of the age of the software as I believe the Australian Forum is using older software.


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                              There are 2 ways to login:

                              1. In the forum after you went there from the home page. The login is in the blue part with the "Search" "Quick links" etc. When I loggin this way I have the same issues.

                              2. Login directly on the home page, and then go to the forum. When I login this way I have no problems.

                              Only thing is when I type my ussr id on the home page I cannot complete my name because it is one character to long. However when I use the credentials in my keychain as Safari suggests everything is fine.

                              The main page login gives me a warning (in red) that the page is not safe, i.e. no certificate or https. So don't use the same password elsewhere.


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