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    I've been racing HO for 30 years and now I want to try 1/24th. Is there a website that explains all the different kinds of cars available? ( IE Tomy, lifelike Tyco) I would like to start racing my own cars and not borrowing other guys cars. I am 100% a newbie in this scale

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    I don't think there's a website dedicated to 1/24 scale, but it's worth looking at the Scaleauto Forum, here and the BRM Forum, here. I should mention that Scaleracing LLC, the importer and promoter of these brands, is Alan Smith who also owns SCI.

    Off the top of my head, I don't think there are any of the major 'box set' type manufacturers providing 1/24 scale cars other than Carrera; and it's improbable that their offerings would be competitive, other than against other Carrera 1/24 cars. But they're great looking slot cars, and I think they do digital as well.


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      The Carrera 1/24 cars. These are all digital but with a flip of the switch on the bottom of the cars they run analog. The catalog is German but available at a lot of US retailers.

      If you want the low down on the Carrera 1/24 cars give me a holler and I'll share what I know. That's all I've run for 5 yrs now.
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        Since you mentioned not wanting to borrow other racers cars, this implies that there are 1/24 racers near you. Look at what they are racing, talk to them. Understand the rules that they race under, if you buy cars you want to be able to race against others with them. The Scale Auto cars can be expensive to start with but are a great bang for the buck as the chassis can be mounted up with many different classes of bodies and the motors can easily be swapped out also to meet class rules.

        Once you start to understand what others are racing, you can easily start to gather info. Bottom line practice is everything so try to get in lapping whenever you can.

        Tim Snyder


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          There are two types of RTR 1/24th scale cars. There are commercial raceway cars including Parmas, Champions, JKs and Trinitys, those are seldom run on home tracks. More commonly run on home tracks are BRMs, Carreras and Scaleautos. In addition to the RTR cars there are people that run scratch built chassis with resin or model kit bodies.


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            See your PM



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              Thanks Mike


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                I am brand-new to the site, a retired guy who raced at home with HO AFX and later with 1/24th on a local commercial track here in Rhode Island back in the 1960's.

                I discovered a well-run commercial track in Ashland, Massachusetts several weeks ago. Wow. Clean, well-run, friendly people and ownership. The problem is it's an hour away. I'm still trying to decide whether to race there or find something closer.

                I'm trying to learn all the racing categories of 1/24 cars and what would be best for me at this time. There are several sites selling equipment, but very little in the way of quality articles. Someone, please direct me to information/articles/how to's for someone in my situation.

                Thanks for any help...

                Brian in RI
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                  Well, feel free to post here about that Ashland track (no web links please).

                  And check out the BRM & Scaleauto forums, links previously provided.


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                    Brian, go to the local track and see what they run. Commercial tracks there are three broad classes. “Retro” which you can think of as homebuilt brass/piano wire chassis. Lexan or hardbodies. Then there are flexi chassis “Isra” style cars these are usually JK or Mossetti chassis running with lexan bodies. These are often run on flatter tracks. Finally you have the fastest cars, the “wing cars”. These are built on very light laser cut steel chassis with a thin lexan body that is basically a wing with big side dams. These run on the king style tracks at the higher level sanctioned races.

                    within these broad categories there are many classes and rules can vary from track to track but there are sanctioning bodies at the higher levels and as you get into things you will find your favorite cars to run.

                    home plastic cars I have no idea.



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                      I did a Google search for slot tracks in RI and came up empty. One in Warwick closed a number of years ago. I don't think that there are any commercial tracks left in CT either. It is nice to have a track closer to where you live, but it looks like Modelville Hobby is the closest one to you. You might consider HO or 1/32nd scales.
                      For those of you that have not heard of Modelville Hobby here is a picture of the last surviving Purple Mile track. LenJet located next door has an HO version.