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My First Slotfabrik C291

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    Quick update... glass is in all around

    Also completed the dashboard install - covered it with some CF decal I have
    IMG_9747.JPG IMG_9748.JPG
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      Some finer detail pics...

      IMG_9771.JPG IMG_9772.JPG


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        Ok well the Sunday night update got pushed back 'til today because I accidentally spilled the bottle of 2K Reducer on my work table and all over the rear wing that was completed with decals. So I need new decals that will hopefully get here from Germany quickly.

        I did manage to finish the front of the body. Just some little detail work to complete.

        IMG_9785.JPG IMG_9786.JPG IMG_9788.JPG IMG_9787.JPG


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          Originally posted by dinglebery View Post
          I accidentally spilled the bottle of 2K Reducer on my work table and all over the rear wing that was completed with decals.
          "Gosh, darn!" you must have said ...


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            Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
            "Gosh, darn!" you must have said ...
            Ha! Worse than that - yeah! What makes it even worse is the 2K Clear I have is a 3 part mixture, now I only have enough for what's left in the Reducer unless I get a new bottle. I think they're sold in sets also :\


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              Update... 90% of the details on the body are done. I only need to paint the headlight covers on their edges so you don't see the shelf they sit on, add antennas, complete the rear dzus fastener locations above the rear suspension, paint around the rear taillight locations the same color as the mirrors, and add lights! Then complete the rear wing, when I get the decals and glue the rear subframe in the body

              IMG_9839.jpg IMG_9840.jpg IMG_9841.jpg
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                Looking good, a lot of effort and love goes into building those bodies.
                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.



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                  AWEsome Job. !


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                    Thank you for the compliment! I'm trying my best!!

                    Here's an update on the back end of the car. It's starting to come together. I need to do some black line detail around the fl orange, and complete the taillights. I also have to paint the tow hook and some other little details.


                    I also have to complete the rear wing. The edge profiles are currently for the C9. Here's a pic of the correct C291 profiles, rough cut.


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                      It's been a while since I've worked on the car. Here's the latest - The rear wing is complete - I lowered it quite a bit from what is shown in all the previous pics. The rear end of the car is nearly complete - I just have to complete the tail light lenses and install the lights. The front end is complete except for the paint around the headlight lenses that I have to do. Here's pics with the front lights installed and powered at 9v

                      IMG_0173.jpg IMG_0172.jpg


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                        Superb work. Thoroughly enjoy seeing this progression.


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                          Thanks for the encouragement!

                          I completed the tail light lenses and they came out better than I expected! They are two parts glued together. The outside part is the lens from a front headlight, and the inside part is the lens from a rear taillight. Here's a pic...

                          Should tint the lenses red? Here they are under no power.


                          The LED's aren't installed yet, but here's what it looks when I hold it in place after powering it on with 9v

                          IMG_0189.jpg It's hard to get a picture of the "halo" effect


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