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BRM BRE Datsun 240Z

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  • BRM BRE Datsun 240Z

    BRM, in conjunction with Alan Smith, will have a 1/24 scale BRE Datsun 240Z on the shelves in 2023.
    I hope this is just a publicity shot, as it’s not a correct US car.
    But I’ll work with whatever they produce.
    Now…how about a 510 for the Mini Car range?

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    I have always loved this car. Should be fun to race.


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      I can't wait


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        Yep! I'll take at least one!!


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            This Car is a joint venture with my Company ScaleRacing LLC and BRM

            We work very closely with BRM on car projects, the Datsun 240Z is one I pushed for as I feel an Internationally popular car.

            Size wise it will race with The "Mini Car" Series and Group 2 cars already in production.

            With regard to the 510 this was considered but not chosen at this time as less popular as a race car Worldwide

            But you never know

            For now the 240Z is another investment in tooling both ScaleRacing LLC and BRM feel will give strong returns sales wise, and add to the class that can race even on Scalextric width tracks.

            More news soon, but I can let you know we have researched and designed several different features for this release. There are different front end details we have designed into tooling as well as other areas that will be modified over time to build different versions of this great historic car.

            Anyone wishing to share comments on this project especially different race features and decorations can do so to [email protected]

            I am excited to get this car into production and up for sale in 2023.

            We will add a pre order listing soon at

            Thanks for your interest


            Davide Vallese & Alan Smith
            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.



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              Thank you.


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                Thanks Alan and Davide for bringing this classic car to us.
                I read John Morton's book. It was an enjoyable read. So the BRE version is a must have. I also like the Safari rally version another must have for my collection. A check on Racing Sports Cars shows lost of livery choice. For those you you liking the flared guards Bob Sharpe Track, Layouts & Scenery looks the goods as well.

                I agree with the Date 510 - not as many options particularly for overseas races. Looks like finding a BRM chassis that fits the Datto might be the best option. (Some options for adjustable chassis wheelbase could be the go )