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  • Question about wheels

    I have been buying cox iso-chassis and converting them to run on my Carrera home track. I started using H&R 26K rpm motors and H&R wheels. the H&R wheels make the chassis sit to high so I found that BWA 1/8 axle wheels with Indy Grip tires work great.

    My question is what other 1/8 axle wheels (non-threaded) are available for Indy Grip tires?

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    sounds like you already are off to a great start...WHEELS should be round---- you can sand down/TRUE them.....I think with a very very fine sand paper/stone


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      (Sorta) what 007 said.

      The "wheels"...aren't what's holding the car up off the track, it's the "tires"..!
      As he said, you can sand the tires down to the diameter you want them to get the ground clearance you want. OR...more nearly so.
      I would leave at least 7/32" of rubber (wheel rim to O.D.) on the wheel for tire wear.

      If you don't have a tire truing machine, maybe a track near you or a friend can help.



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