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Missing the 70 Indy Cars

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  • Missing the 70 Indy Cars

    Try as I might, it looks like little or no options are out there for the late 60s early 70s Indy cars. So many iconic names and cars: Unsers, Foyt, Donahue, Rutherford, etc. I'm sure no one would care in Europe where the market still lives so it doesn't happen, but it's still a hole I wish was filled.

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    It may be a simple case of numbers

    For the big mfrs to make one they one they must see a prospect of return on investment. And Indy cars back in those days all looked different from year to year and race to race. That's more cost than they want to shell out and what if the driver (more so than the car) they gamble on, isn't popular any more. Retiring does that. (BTW Donohue is spelled with two "o's")
    So that brings in the resin factor. Many have been around and there may even be a few artisans with the knack to carve a master of your dream Indy car. My personal fav is the 1980 Rutherford driven Pennzoil Chaparral 2K which was just produced in limited quantities in both kit and ready built. Made in Italy by Osterero. But very expensive to blast around the track with friends. Now they are on to the Andretti Lotus 79 I think and later the old 1911 Harroun Wasp.
    There goes my Christmas money!
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      On second thought maybe if they made Roadsters

      from the 60's! They could utilize one basic body and print decals for the different cars and we could have Foyt and Sachs and McClusky and Ward and somebody tried it in Michigan some years ago and wonder if it took off. I wonder? Narrow tires, high center of gravity? Naw! No way!
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