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Scalextric analog car problem

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  • Scalextric analog car problem

    Hey everyone,

    For some reason I cannot get this car to run. I have replaced the braids and checked the car over and i don't see anything wrong. No bad solders, the clips are connect to the wires. I'm not sure if the motor is bad or what but it seems like its not getting power at all because the lights don't turn on.

    Any troubleshooting advice?

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    To be sure that the motor runs touch the terminals to a 9 volt battery. If the motor does not run it could be defective or there could be a short in the wiring. If the motor runs try touching the pickup braids to the battery. If the motor does not run there has to be an open circuit someplace. If the motor does run the braids must not be making contact with the track rails, before you try anything else make sure that the rails are powered up. Sometimes the rails of Scalextric track are actually a little lower than the track surface, in that case the car's braids will have to be adjusted to get the car to run.
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      Ok so the motor runs when the battery touches it but when i touch the battery to the broad pickups it doesn't run.


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        OK so i clipped the wires off the metal pieces that the braids make contact with. Then i stripped the wire and soldered it onto the metal pieces put it back on the guide and it ran fine! After putting it back together 5 times to find this weird noise i found it was the tire which had a huge flat spot...


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          Sounds like the spades were crimped over the wire insulation, rather than over bare wire. I could not make out which car you have, if you need new tires factory replacements can be hard to find. Perhaps aftermarket tires like Super Tires are available for your car. For the most part only aftermarket rear tires can be found.


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            Thats exactly the problem. I had to cut them out then i could not get the insulated pies out of the clip so i just solder bare wire to the top of it and called it a day. Hopefully it won't come loose but if it does i know how to fix it.

            It is a Scalextric Lister Storm LMP. Whats funny is even with the flat tire is runs pretty quick! and i have two of the same model but in different liveries. I'll try to find tires or buy aftermarket silicones or whatever.


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              You've got a couple of local hobby shops in Columbus that may have the tires in stock. Tom Thumb on the West side would be your best bet. Mike there is a great help.


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                You're right I bet he would have them! I have to check my spares before i go up there. Its like 5 mins from my house so its no big deal.


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