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    Decals, Decals, Decals,

    Just completed work … well almost, on a Dollar Tree, 32-Ford Deuce Coup, sorta looks like one, anyway -- dollar-car. That I have about 7-bucks in.

    Dilemma -- decals -- don’t want to spend $9.95 for decals. So . . .

    Have a HP 970 color printer which does great job on photos when using HP Color Photo Paper. Is it good enough? Don’t have access to laser printer, won’t pop for one either … though prices are coming down.

    Is there decal software available to generate decals? Decals that one would place on his/her favorite livery. Assume software has ability to size decals properly for 1/32, 1/24 … what have you. Appreciate links to same . . .

    Understand can find decal sheets at Wal-Mart. Haven’t looked yet … are they water slide or what? What do you recommend?

    Assume there are sources to find out what decals are needed to say do a D. Hulme Can-Am car, circa ’71, or any other livery for that matter? Appreciate links to those as well.

    Also have need to create decals for some other cars that are W.I.P. at this point. Yeah, some cost more than 7-bucks … be that as it may, still need decals.

    After all is said and done, presume once materials are in hand, can create for less than $9.95 and up.

    Thanking you in advance . . .

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    There are cheap drawing and photo manipulation programs available. You can even get older versions of the high end programs (like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator) for comparatively less outlay than buying the most current version.

    There are inkjet decal papers you can buy from Fantasy World or other suppliers as well as repros of old decals. I haven't used then so I can't vouch for the quality.

    I use Detail Master decal sheets for laser printer and have them printed at my local Kinkos cost per sheet for the paper is about $4 printing at Kinkos is under $2.

    Or you can contact the "Iceman" and pay to have him do the work.

    It all comes down to how good do you want your custom decals to look?



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      Appreciate the reply . . .


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