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Classic slots v NASCAR

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  • Classic slots v NASCAR

    An interesting statistic has popped up in another thread. Too interesting to leave it there.

    Time will tell, it is amazing in a Country of 300,000,000 you struggle to sell production runs of about 2,500 pieces of NASCAR Model Race Cars.
    I am amazed!

    Problem is they don't sell in the biggest Scaley market (the UK) at all and yet they are some of the best slot cars around for racing with. It is weird because in the box on the shelf they look very appealing but clearly folk outside the USA simply cannot relate to anything to do with NASCAR except American expats living in London.

    I thought NASCAR was big in the USA?

    I wonder how many HO scale NASCARS are produced?

    It seems that more Australian muscle is sold to Australians than American muscle to Americans.

    I know this topic has come up before but even so...

    ...2500 NASCARS!!!

    Thats just about 1 each for every SCI member.

    They probably sell more cars in Outer Mongolia than they do in the USA! :lol

    With the GT40's about 40% of the SPORT production was earmarked for the USA which was about 2000 of each car and history will show that these sold out in no time.

    It seems that Classic cars are more appealing to USA folk than NASCAR.

    But it surely has to be that NASCAR is more appealing to American youngsters than Classic cars?

    But then I suppose it is dad that makes the decision about slots and dad may well go with what appeals to him than to his son.

    So, are any of you as surprised as I am at the NASCAR quote above?

    And would you rather see more classics or more NASCARS?


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    Simple explanation....

    NASCAR = 20-something set = Video games

    Classics = 40-50 something set = Slot Cars / Diecasts


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      Re: Simple explanation....

      Keep in mind that NASCAR is not everyone's cup of tea. Not all of us enjoy billboards going in a circle.


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        Re: Simple explanation....

        I'm a Nascar fan but if I had a choice on what Scaley was to make I would choose more of the TA series myself.


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          Re: Simple explanation....

          Moped, if this is true, which I seriously doubt, why are the older Scalextric NASCARs selling on Ebay now for over $100/ea in many cases?? :rolleyes


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            could it be looks

            heres my 2 cents
            modern nascars pretty much look all the same,{aka parmacars} if it
            was not for the lights and stickers u could not tell
            a ford from a chevy, from a dodge,
            plus unless you are gonna buy those army and navy
            livery cars, you will spend well over sixty bucks for one
            .... that will almost get you 2 scaley gt 40s......
            but hell if thats what floats your boat ,more power
            2 u , just enjoy



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              Could it be looking at the wrong Market

              The Scalextric NASCAR's are listed on their site at $42.95, same as the ASCARS.

              They will be out this year, however NASCAR fan's do not go to Hobby Shops they go to the races.

              Most of the NASCAR Die Cast is sold at the Events, maybe Scalextric NASCAR's should be shown at the races like Die Cast.

              You are correct NASCAR is not the best product for Hobby Shops, Scalextric sold way more Ford GT 40's than NASCAR's and in a much shorter time.

              Does it mean NASCAR is not popular, or most of America wants GT 40's, I think it is more a case of where the product is being showcased.

              Just some thoughts.


              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                Re: Simple explanation....

                Just because there are old NASCARS going for over $100 doesn't mean they're mainstream. I mean people collect the oddest stuff. NASCAR just falls into the same category as that.



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                  Re: Simple explanation....

                  More classics


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                    Re: Simple explanation....

                    I also can't help but add that I'm willing to bet only .05% of the attendees at a NASCAR event even KNOW 1/32 slot car versions of these cars exist. Now if Scaley were to take the whole batch of new cars to a sold out NASCAR event I'd also be willing to bet they'd sell a ton to people who would never ever run them on a slot car track.

                    Marketing efforts need to do a better job of getting this product in front of their target market. You might think 'we' are that market but 'we' are in a much smaller 'hobby' market and has been stated are not all huge NASCAR fans. I actually do watch and go to certain NASCAR events but for my own personal slotting enjoyment I would also get more satisfaction from other types of cars.


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                      Re: could it be looks

                      ^^^ Agree completely!


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                        Re: could it be looks

                        There are NASCAR collectible stores in many towns across the USA, and they sell diecast models by the ton. This is where the Scalextric USA marketting people should look to for expanded sales of NASCAR cars and tracks, as well as at the actual races.


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                          Re: could it be looks

                          I doubt that many Nascar fans even know that these slot cars and sets exist, nor do they visit their local hobby shops, which may or may not even stock this product line. These cars and sets need to be marketed specifically to wherever Nascar fans shop: magazines, cable tv ads, etc.Also should be sold at collectible die cast shops that sell Nascars.

                          as to the question: Nascar or vintage: well, more Nascars will sell, and much more vintage, of any kind, escpecially what we in the USA like(Can-Am, Trans-Am, Formula 1, street hots rods, muscle cars, hot rods, drag racing) will sell over here big time!! Like some have stated, look at how we bought up the Ford GT40s!! Also any good movie/tv cars will sell: cars like the desirable vintage Batmobiles will sell better than the Starsky and Hutch car (i could not resist that one!! Way cool, would never have guessed that this car would ever have been made as a slot car!!).

                          Also: vintage stock cars of the 1950's to 1970s would sell well too! Very popular with the h.o. scale crowd.


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                            Re: could it be looks - sure

                            Right -

                            1) Other than liveries, cars look so much alike...

                            2) Many NASCAR fans are so driver-loyal...they would love Little E's car but wouldn't want a Jeff Gordon Chevy (unless they could put a crap motor in it and beat it all the time). Many tend to pick a driver or two and collect EVERYTHING with that guy's colors/number on it.

                            3) Many outlets for NASCAR goods, but as many have rightly pointed out, few fans or dealers for these products know about slots. They need to see them.

                            4) I don't collect them; I might if I raced an oval or in a group that has a NASCAR series, but they just don't "look right" racing on my road course. Yeah - know NASCAR does race some road courses, but still....


                            • #15
                              Re: To many varied liveries to cover for maker!

                              The problem I see, is as a friend collector of diecasts for a long time said to me, is they have to many liveries. Every driver must run 10 different liveries of his cars sponsors or related ones who want the coverage for TV per season.

                              He stopped collecting when he reached 2000 different liveries and just plain and simply ran out of room for them anymore and money to spend on them.

                              How many liverys can a manufacturure afford to get the rights to make. The slot fans want their favorite livery they saw three weeks ago. And then they either have to strip and repaint a car and then find or make decals for it, or go with out that car.

                              So I think making white versions of the cars with a basic decals set for the fenders basic sponsors and leave the other liveries to after market providers, might sell more cars than a few standard liveries that change at least each year as well as every couple weeks.

                              Nothing livery wise Nascar is set in stone for the year. Who wants last years or last weeks old livery? The liveries make the cars not just the cars make or the drivers per se.


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