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Looking for a good point system for qualifying and races

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  • Looking for a good point system for qualifying and races

    I'm a home racer and tonight is the first time I'll have my 4 lane banked oval raced on "for real." The guys are all coming over. I am looking for any and all feedback (pick my "plan" apart basically!)

    My plan:

    After everyone races around a bit in all the lanes we have qualifying

    - everyone get's 10 laps to turn a fast lap

    - everyone uses the SAME car and lane for qualifying (as no one has their "own" cars their all mine w/ upgraded tires only)

    - top 4 guys are "in" the race with the worst qualifier picking which car and lane he wants and so forth ( I have 4 indycars, NASCARS, and 70's stock cars however a few cars are "slightly" quicker and newer than others)

    - point system for qualifying (pole - 5pts, 2nd- 3pts, 3rd-2pts, 4th-0 pts)

    - have a 100 lap race taking a break after lap 50 to "regroup" any cars down laps will be accounted for the fresh start

    - points system for race results (winner - 6pts, 2nd- 4pts, 3rd- 3pts, 4th- 1pt)

    - net the qualifying and race points to find a winner...

    Please comments and suggestions are MUCH welcome!!! Thanks!

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    top 4 guys are "in" the race
    How many guys are expected to turn up?

    The fairest system (in my view) would keep the same cars in the same lane (if possible) and rotate the drivers so that each driver has one turn in each lane.

    What is the point of a break in the middle of a 100 lap race at lap 50?

    Why not have two 50 lap races and score points for each?

    Why not have a system for scoring points based on time?

    The winner of the 50 lap race gets 100 points. The guy coming second if 15 seconds behind gets 85 points. The guy coming third if 25 seconds behind the winner gets 75 points and so on. This gives every racer an incentive even in a poor lane to do their very best to minimize the time gap between the winner and their own time. This type of scoring works for me and makes it exciting for everybody in every race.



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      How many guys are coming over and why do you need qualifying? Unless you've got more than 12 guys why don't you just run two races where everyone does as many laps as they can in each of the lanes for two minutes? Depending on the number of guys you can even give everyone a minute of two to warm up with each car in each lane. Not sure why you're making it so complicated. :smokin



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        great comments!

        thanks for the great comments and ideas, i WILL use them. I'm an accountant so I overanalyze everything....


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          Points system


          Ultimate Racer race management software (freeware) has a shared tournament mode. You can select the cars and drivers involved and the software will generate heats. It works out that each driver will run each car in each lane and you can attribute points as you see fit for finishing position and fastest lap.

          I have only been using it for two lane tracks but it works for four as well. Even if you don't connect the softwar/computer to your track you can still use it to generate the heats.

          Just an idea for you. Have fun!


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            Re: great comments!

            DV has the right idea. There are quite a few choices in freeware. Brent Carlson has quite a few links on his site.

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