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PPR tires-a true confession

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    On the sidwall of the tires when doing lots of testing i found no gain in performance by having a rounded tire wall... once your tire is run and turns dull looking it will work beautifully the tires edge will get naturally worn in.
    Guys try using emery cloth sand paper this works well for the edges.
    Try 80grit and go up in grit once you get the edges off.
    Is there a contraction here? Or did you just sand them to get rid of all that horrible Ortmann residue? >D


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      Now, now, now!
      Dan Ace Hobby Racing
      Super Tires:evil


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        Hey DK, yep that's one of my few modified cars. It was built for and entered in the 2003 Marconi Proxy. Finished 4th in class.

        DK, when are you planning on heading to Nostalgia Hobbies? We have a club race in Plainfield (about ten minutes from Scotch Plains) on April 16th. You should come join us. I'll be there as well as Sweet Z28 and a few other board members. You can load up on tires direct from him.

        "Man now i want to race them suckers on my track again!"

        OK, but Greg will have to park his Vette outside! :lol


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          One Bad-assed Panoz. :eek

          From the looks of it, Patto Motor, yes?

          If so, what gear ratio are you using, curious. A similar car I acquired needs serious work and you've given me some evil ideas. :evil


          Bob Gross


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            Re: Wow!

            LS, well Saturday's are tough. It depends on whether the Mets are home or not. I'll have to see but I'd sure love to come. And I'd love to meet some of the guys that I've read so much from.



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              Re: Wow!

              GUYS, SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
              You're going to give away the best racing secrets!!!!

              Next thing you'll be telling everybody abody the Super2 wheels that are turned and perfectly concentric!!! Then you can experiment with the diameter of the tires 1 - 7!

              DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO KEEP A SECRET?!?!?!?!?!

              Z28, great tires! I'm ordering more!


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                Re: Wow!

                I like my Super tires but they are only accessible to me through the web and to make them affordable (i.e averaging shipping costs) I have to buy a large order or go in with someone who is.

                From test to test and condition to condition the winner in the Super Tire vs. Indy Grips comes out differently each time. If it was going to be a long race I would choose Super Tires. Not because of wear but because of consistency.



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                  Re: Wow!

                  One of the racers in our club has a skid pad and he found that the PPRs were the best compared to Indy Grips, S1s and Ortmanns. The skid pad is MDF with latex paint. On a different surface the results might have been different. I don't know if he did the testing with more than one car.


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                    Re: Wow!

                    Thanks guy's it's always nice to here positive feedback on the tires.
                    Hi Wet coast raceway i'm not saying you need to sand the tires Im saying you can wear them in by normal use or you can hit a new pair slightly on the edges with sand paper to dull up the sharp edge because that's what happens with normal use.
                    LS we can just have a few guy's stand at that corner and let them take the hit's from the mod cars to save the vette from damage!:rollin


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                      Re: Wow!

                      I also use PPR tires too, and they are the best!! These tires have turned many a medioce performing car into a fine, road hugging winner!! And now i have found that PPR makes a tire to fit the 1970s narrow Riggen rear wheels, and i have those vintage cars running again too!! PPR's fit right, are round, and do not tear. Can't go wrong here!!


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                        Re: Wow!

                        Hey LS for our club race are you going with your ninco NSX?
                        I was thinking of running mine maybe ... I know it may not hang with the rest of the car types but it sure would be fun to actually get race it!


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                          Re: Wow!

                          Ok, i said i did not have a car for this class, but i like that Ninco sidewinder.....i gotta go git me one a them before the race!!


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