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    Last night the wife and I ran a couple old lighted cars around the new layout with the track lights on - f'n Amazing! it was!!! (I'll update the build thread when It's 100% done) The lights in the cars fluctuate in brightness related to the speed of the car. That's not what I want and I need to change it! Upgrade them all I say!

    I searched the interwebs and found several different "light kits" from several manufacturers, some no longer around, and am wondering what is available Today that I can upgrade my cars with. I have Scalextrix, Carrera, Fly, etc cars and trucks that have lights in them. I'm looking for a one-stop shop piece that I can install in any car to upgrade, that doesn't cost as much as a car!! The end result should be the lights are on at full intensity regardless of the speed of the car, brake lights too.

    Even better would be an electronics guru to inform me what parts to buy, where to solder to, (like how to do it) to upgrade them myself...? That would be best! Thanks for the support!
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    slot car corner usually have universal led light kits with a capacitor.


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      ZMachine makes a nice light kit that is ready to install and fairly priced too


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        Slot Car Corner has the ZMachine kits as well as their own brand. Both types have a voltage regulator and a supercapacitor so the lights stay the same brightness and will stay on for a while after the power goes off. Less expensive light kits would probably lack that feature. I have raced cars with the SCC kit in a number of endurance races with night time segments, the lights are much more powerful than the ones used in most other kits.
        Years ago I did a car with a light kit that had the usual white headlights and red tail lights plus yellow lights that came on under braking for a simulated exhaust flash.


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          Thanks Rich I saw those posts from 10+ years ago that you mention. I didn't bring them up because I'm only interested in what's available today. I tried searching for SlotTronics kits but didn't find anything, assuming they've been long gone.

          So here's who I know so far that makes a kit that's available today:

          ZMachine - ZM160D32 Xenon $17.99 - PCB looks really compact, slick SMD LED's that are bright

          Slot.It - SISP16C Kit $19.99 - looks small and simple, allowing me to place the components anywhere, conventional round LED's

          Avant Slot - AV10903 $17.99 - looks to be the same size PCB as ZMachine or, conventional round LED's

          I'm leaning towards ZMachine for cars that I know would have Xenon headlamps in them in real life (1990 and newer?) and Avant Slot for cars that are older than 1990.
          Does anyone have direct experience with the Slot.It or Avant Slot kits that can share pros/cons?


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   light kits have a super cap so the lights stay on, the headlights last a little longer than the tail lights. They have a "brake" function - when the throttle is fully released, and the rails are "dead short"; - the tail lights brighten to simulate a brake function
            Here is a link to the still live old website page with details of their light kits
            What does Alan have for sale - he may have other suggestions.

            BUT, reading your enthusiasm for pretty things, you should also consider Klaus' products on his Overdrive Slot Service site.
            I have used a few of his kits, they work well. There are add-ons like extra front and rear lights for brakes and for yellow fog lights, and there is an upgrade kit you use to upgrade basic Scalextric type cars to permanent lighting - it excludes LEDs, just having the circuitry and the super cap for storage of power to drive them.
            He usually ships within 24 hours. He has been reliable, I have bought a lot of his tyre lathes for distribution over the past few years.

            Ninco used to make a nice light kit too - the tail lamps stayed on longer than the headlights, and it had a brake function. It was also fully assembled!
            All the Ninco stock was acquired by Educa Boras (the former SCX distributor), when they bought Ninco lock stock and barrel from the Cosculluela family late last year.
            I am not sure if they had any left, the stock from Ninco was all shipped to another of their acquisitions Fabrica de Jugetes, which is down in Alicante, about 5 hours away from H.O. in Barcelona.
            They are still re-organising. - I'll have a better idea mid October.


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              If the SlotTronics kits were still available I would have said so. I have an older kit in one of my cars, it is OK except that the lights are not very powerful. I have not tried their latest stuff. ZMachine has xenon, warm white and yellow light kits.


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                We have used the ZMachine in 2 seasons of our summer enduros ( 2.5 hours in the dark ) without any issues. They come in both 2 and 4 front head light configurations. The rear lights stay on way longer than the fronts after coming off the track. After running the lights for a short period of time, the front lights stay on for a decent time. I haven't tried the others, just liked the RTR nature and of course the lower price point. The "xenon" lights are very bright too!


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                  Keep the comments coming - and thanks for sharing Glen!!

                  Q: do the intensity of the lights change with the push of the trigger/plunger on these aftermarket kits like a stock car's lights?

                  Is all these aftermarket kits provide is the lights stay on after a deslot?


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                    Most RTR cars with lights lack the voltage regulator and supercapacitor that are included in the more sophisticated aftermarket light kits. Usually that lights in regular RTR cars will vary in brightness as you change the trigger position and will go off when you let off on the trigger all the way. The light kits that have been mentioned will reach full brightness shortly after the trigger is pulled and will remain constant unless the power is off for a while.


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                      So what would I need to add to a RTR car that has lights - in order for the lights to stay full on when the trigger position is changed? Can I just add a supercapacitor and voltage regulator? Has anyone done this and knows what parts to use?


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                        Hi Dingleberry.
                        If you like analogue racing but new technology this may appeal to you. A new multipurpose analogue board that goes in your car that operate 4 lots of lights, changes lanes, pit stops, sector timing, and lap counting all in one unit.
                        Includes voltage regulator and super capacitor.
                        See here:

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                          With digital racing the rails are always at full voltage, so lighted digital cars should have lights that stay at a constant brightness as long as the car is in the slot.
                          In my opinion it is not worth the effort of adding a voltage regulator and super capacitor to a lighted car that does not have them. The lights would be on circuit boards that have the necessary LEDs and dropping resistors. The resistors would have to be bypassed and resistors with a different ohm value would probably have to be substituted, in addition a diode would need to be included or the supercapacitor would try to power the car's motor when the power was off.
                          It is a lot easier to remove the original lights and install a light kit.


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                            Thanks Rick for that info! It looks really promising, except I have a Carrera system and just completed a custom build with Trackmate hardware.

                            Thanks Rich for the explanation. Light kits it is!