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My 1:32 Track Build

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  • My 1:32 Track Build

    Since completing my HO scale track in June (as documented in the HO forum) I took the summer off. I started my 1:32 platform while SCI was down so this post will be catching up to my current progress.

    I needed to complete the room display cabinets and other art work before I could solely focus on the track. These photos show the cabinet install and final art work on my back wall.

    132 Build 001 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    132 Build 024 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    132 Build 025 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    I also had my cabinet guys install the knotty alder fascia around the 8x24 platform.

    132 Build 003 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    I used 8x11.5 paper to layout track concepts. This is the final configuration I selected.

    132 Build 004 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    I had Viper make the routed MDF pieces. I picked it up and was able to get everything in my Ford Explorer.

    132 Build 006 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    These are the pieces fitted onto the platform prior to elevating and banking.

    132 Build 007 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    I run 1:32 cars so I spaced the slots to look scale.

    132 Build 008 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    I aligned the front straight with a laser then worked clockwise to elevate, bank and anchor the sections.

    132 Build 010 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    Fully aligned, elevated, banked and anchored.

    132 Build 012 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    I painted the track surface with a high quality latex paint - first primed with oil based primer. Then I used my air brush to create a driving line. Also added some skid marks. I’ll do more when I make more progress. I also used an oil based paint pen to lay down border stripes separating the track from the adjacent scenery.

    132 Build 014 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    132 Build 013 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    Installing scenery around the track. Using cardboard webbing to create the surface that will then by covered in plaster wrap, sculptamold, paint and then layers of scenery grasses and other materials.

    132 Build 016 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    132 Build 017 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    I have all the scenery sections completed and just placed some of the trees to get an idea of final placement.

    132 Build 019 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    I am scratch building the bleachers and pit structure. This is one of the bleacher scenes.

    132 Build 020 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    I am a big fan of the LeMans races of the ‘60s and early ‘70s. So I had to have a Dunlop bridge. I repainted the Scalextric bridge to look like that at LeMans.

    132 Build 021 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    I made this mock up to size up the pit structure. It will only be two levels so I can see the straight behind the building. It will be 72-inches long.

    132 Build 018 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    I made drawings of the pieces needed to assemble the structure from 0.25-inch MDF. I had Viper cut them using their CNC machine. I assembled the pieces and painted using Rustoleum Textured Desert Bisque aerosol.

    132 Build 022 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    I will make appropriate banners and team signs and attach to the structure. These are mock ups before I finalize.

    132 Build 023 by bonez 300, on Flickr

    This is where I am today. Stay tuned for follow up progress.
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    Revisiting your man cave after many months away, and seeing all the progress is very impressive......

    Shame it's so far away......

    Cheers, Tony.


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      Great job. It is wonderful to see your progress along the way. I'm looking forward to see future additions.


      • #4
        Really first rate workmanship. The track paint is a stunner. I’m borrowing a few ideas from this one!


        • #5
          Trains and slot cars - what else do you need??? Both layouts look great!!


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            What is the horizontal black box structure on a work stand in the first picture?


            • #7
              I think it's one of the three new display cabinets - compare pictures 1 & 2 as 'before and after'...

              It is such a cool 'play room'......

              Cheers, Tony.


              • #8
                Yes those are the cabinet shells. I install the LED light strips before the cabinet guys return to do the install. I will finish the room lighting by placing track lighting around the perimeter to light the wall art.


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                  Love your work,Great looking track.
                  Hilton South Africa


                  • #10
                    Stacked Advents?? Great work on all the tracks!


                    • #11
                      Cracking build there, thanks for sharing.
                      The fence work is lovely - but I take it this is a cruising track, not for out and out racing. My club guys would take that all out the first class of the first night.


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                        The whole thing looks really nice. Great job!


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                          Natalie! Good to hear from you.


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                            WPSoko1 - so you saw the Advents? I bought those new in 1975 for college. I refurbished them for the toy room and added a 15-inch subwoofer - they still sound great! I have a pretty extensive music collection and have been listening to my CDs during the room build. My turntable is only in my main system. I have listened to all my progressive rock, classical, blues, jazz, oldies, new age discs and now rock discs in alphabetical order. I am now at Rick Wakeman. So almost done!

                            SlotsNZ - I am a recreational slotter - so mostly me and The Wifey will be running the tracks. I do have some neighbors once in a while. The fence was scratch built using basswood. It is fairly robust but don’t think it would survive a Porsche 917 at speed like in the movie LeMans...


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                              Stunnig !