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  • Analog Controller Comparison

    Last year I decided to upgrade from my professor motor controller to what I felt was the best analog controller for racing. I looked into nearly every controller available in the US, UK and Europe (there were a lot).

    I ended up buying the DS Pro Speed 4, and a year later I'm very happy with my choice. I've customized it with an XLR connector, tennis grip tape, and a lighter spring.

    These were my top four favorites, and I've tried all of them in person before. The SP130050 is also quite nice, but I personally didn't like the sensitivity knobs, and its also out of stock everywhere. My comparison of #1-3 is below, Green=Great, Yellow=OK, Red=Bad.
    1. DS Pro Speed 4:
    2. Sloting Plus Advanced SP130050:
    3. Third Eye:
    4. Difalco:

    Additionally, here's some notable alternatives that are cheaper and have less features than those above:
    5. DS PM V2 DS-3506:
    6. Sloting Plus Pro EVO SP130031:

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    all your pics seem bad link/not available to me.

    Also, so far as I know, DS Systems (IBB) sadly aren't going to make any more Prospeed4 - Alan may have different/updated info. but that was what Ivan told me.
    Which Diflaco 1/32 controllers did you try?
    Did you try any Carsteen, Truespeed or ACD ?


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      SlotsNZ, I updated the pictures and they seem to be working now.

      If that's true about the Pro Speed 4 its too bad, its a fantastic controller that not many people seem to be aware of.

      I looked into Carsteen, Truespeed, and ACD online but I have not tried them in person. Third Eye and Difalco are much more prevalent in the USA. I've tried a couple different 1/32 Difalco controllers, I don't recall the model numbers. They're all certainly nice, but I personally prefer the comfort, features, aesthetics, etc of the DS and Sloting Plus controllers. Hopefully even better controllers will be made in the future. None of the current options check all the boxes for me.


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