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Custom 1:32 slot car request -- Santa's sleigh

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  • Custom 1:32 slot car request -- Santa's sleigh

    Okay... so I found a REALLY cool custom made slot car on youtube (, I would really like to get one of these made. Take a look at my avatar for goodness sake. Anyone out there have the talent to make this?

    Thank you

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    Cool, not to mention seasonal.

    I wouldn't know how to do this, but I recall that way back when, Scalextric made an operating Horse & Sulky, I believe Alan has one in his collection.

    So did Paramount, I just discovered:

    Anyways, I think your reindeer will need to all have the same gearing.
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      I would be happy with a model of a sleigh that fit over the chassis of a 1:24 car. The reindeer would have their own motor but be attached to the sleigh and hinge at those points. (I think that it could run like that.)


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        The reindeer wouldn't have to be powered at all. The sleigh would push them without a problem. I think just hinging the reindeer and you would be good to go.


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          Made me think of this video:


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            cool. be nice to see what's under 'em.


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              Originally posted by DRW-FJ40 View Post
              Made me think of this video:
              Now that would be a lot of fun to race!!


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                At a glance? Easy enough tactically. Coming up with, fabricating, or modifying all the bits is the time consuming part. My sense of it is that the working model in question was converted from a static model. Finding a suitable victim would be step 1.

                The reindeer likely came as a fixed unit, and had to be surgically separated, then re-coupled with lateral pivots. Clearly, the video also indicates that each pair would require guidance of some sort.

                Think of this arrangement it as a small branch line choo choo. The sleigh is a pusher locomotive, and the reindeer are the cars. Best bet is probably an inline slot chassis application to take advantage of the middling weight distribution, which is Model RR 101; as the added mass of the reindeer as a whole may tend to loft or stutter a rear bias power unit, unless you magnatraction-ed it down.
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                  A.C. Gilbert had Horse&Sulkie racers in the early '60s, their cars were 1/43rd at the time.


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                    LOL cool video love it!


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