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Track Supports for My New 1/32nd Routed Track

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  • Track Supports for My New 1/32nd Routed Track

    The first race on my new Yorktowne Raceway track was held with cardboard boxes providing temporary support for the overpass. Yeah, it worked, but I intend to replace the boxes with something a bit nicer looking, stronger and more permanent.

    I fabricated the first new track support today. It is based on supports I created quite a few years ago for the HO track I built for Bob Beers. There is a base plate made from nominal 1" x 2" wooden board -- which actually measures 3/4" x 1-1/2". There is a second top plate made from the same material, and three round columns supporting the top plate made from 1" diameter wooden dowel. Both top and bottom plates have cylindrical sockets cut into them to receive the dowels. The sockets were cut with a 1" spade drill bit so they have flat bottoms. They also have countersunk through holes so #6 x 1" drywall screws can be driven into the ends of the dowels to hold everything together. Finally the base plate has beveled ends with angled countersunk clearance holes for #8 x 1-1/4" drywall screws, so the base plate can be "toe-nailed" into the track's plywood platform.

    For a trial assembly the desired elevation of the overpass was measured. The central column was cut to length and assembled to the top and bottom plates. The screw into the bottom of that column was tightened down so the column would stand square, while the screw into the top of that column was loose, so the top plate could pivot. The assembly was test-fit to the track. The length for the outboard column was measured, and the second column cut to length. Both columns were assembled to the plates and the length for the inboard column was measured. Once the third column was cut and assembled all three bottom screws were fastened down tight, then the top three screws fastened down slightly snug.

    I do not intend to fasten the track to the top plate. I believe the track assembly is rigid enough to simply rest on the track supports. "Toe-nailing" the track supports to the track platform should keep everything in place.

    The finished assembly is ready for cleanup sanding, painting and installation. Obviously I need more of these supports, but I also need to do something a little different for the actual span of the overpass. I have an idea how I'll do that...

    To Be Continued!

    Ed Bianchi





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    What you have there is perfect, especially if you’re leaving the supports exposed. However if you’re going to “scenic” your layout, I could suggest an alternative. But it’s a bit much to explain in this context. On my 4 lane 1/32 track I have one overpass that’s supported by a system of 2x risers cut at incremental elevation dimensions that are spaced at 4-6 inches apart They’re then covered by 1/8 inch plywood cut the width of the track. In my case, that dimension includes the shoulders as well. So that you know my system is strong enough that it can be walked on. Good news if you have to “get on up there for track maintenance . I also used bubble wrap to pack between the risers to deaden the” clickety clack” associated with sectional plastic track. I will not deconstruct my layout for obvious reasons. But since we’re close, you being in York, PA and me just south of Carlisle, PA. You’re more than welcome to make the 45 minute trip north for a “look see”. PM me if you’d like to see this method up close,

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