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Tire Failure due to?

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  • Tire Failure due to?

    Pulled out my first Slot-it Porsches,.....the Neuman and the Blaupunkt. The tires are now like rocks? Petrified and one of the front tires missing a big chunk. They are stored in a room that never gets hot and no direct sunlight??????

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      If rubber is not formulated correctly it may not last very long, it is not unusual for them to turn rock hard or turn to goo in a year or two. On the other hand I have HO tires from the '60s that are still in decent shape. Never leave a car with rubber tires parked on your track, if the tires come apart they will make ruts. If you store a car with rubber tires in its jewel case the inside of the case will get fogged up if the tires fail.
      Finding OEM replacement tires for some makes is a problem, that would not be the case with tires however. One thing that I would worry about would be that tires that were sitting on a dealer's shelf for too long would be past their prime. All of my cars have silicone tires, those do not deteriorate with age. If many of your cars still have rubber tires urethane replacement tires might be a better choice, urethane tends to be more stable than rubber. It has been reported that running cars with silicone tires on your track will spoil the grip for cars with rubber tires, I have not been able to confirm that, but rubber and urethane tires are supposed to play well together.


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        So much for old Shelf Queens!! Will try the 19X10 Slot-it replacements for now. Cheap set of 4.


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          All...rubber deteriorates over time. Even you full sized car rubber.
          Some get hard, some fall apart. I've seen both happen in our little toy cars.

          Even the foam tires. Some (most) get hard, some (very few) stay usable for a LONG time, and some fall apart.

          If you have enough different types of cars, for a long enough period of time, you end up seeing a lot of different failures.



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            Urethane goes rock hard over time, foam dries and splits as it shrinks.
            ​​​​​​... use it or lose it.


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              There have been issues reported about urethane tires that got brittle with age. My club raced one class that used urethane tires, those wore out much more quickly than silicone tires and had a bit less grip, so eventually we switched to using silicone tires for that class. I found that the urethane tires were good for about a year of racing and I had an old and newer set that had been glued and trued at the time of the switch. The wheels and tires got put away, but I came across them some years later and noticed that the older pair had turned red and had become brittle so that they would crumble if I poked them. The newer pair was in better shape, but were also on their way out. I would estimate that the older pair was six years old at that time. If you run your cars a lot the tires would be worn out long before the rot set in. If you have cars that sit unused for long periods of time urethane tires might not be the best choice.


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                Much thanks to all on this topic. I have learned certainly what is needed and much more. From the old to the new, these cars need tuning and maintenance for sure.
                Love this Hobby!!!
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