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    For races with track calls my HO club imposes a limit on how many offs a driver can have before he is out of the race. The number of offs is based on the length of the race, for a typical 12 minute race that would be seven offs. The offs would include getting nerfed or getting involved in someone else's incident. Usually new racers learn to drive more carefully, if not at least they are no longer going the be a problem for the other drivers.


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      Pretty draconian. Somebody drives a few hours to end up racing only a few laps isn't going to inspire anyone to get better. I can see parking someone if they have an excessive number of offs in a heat, but they should be allowed to join the next heat. You can't improve if you're not driving.


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        If anyone is driving a few hours to get to a race, then I'd suggest they look for closer venues, or make their own. ;-)

        But why wouldn't that be even more encouragement to keep it in the slot? They presumably know the rules before making such a trek, and so should know that crashing a lot will just result in less track time... never mind not getting any better at actually driving.

        EMSA races crash and burn. You only get one more chance in a two minute heat when we pause at 1 minute and put any crashers back on. Crash again, and you're out. It's rare, but sometimes a driver having a bad heat will only get one or two laps in the entire two minutes because s/he crashed in their first lap for each minute.

        SLOW DOWN. To finish first, you must first finish!
        Even some of the best racers will back off a little when their judgement is that getting a few more laps will be more beneficial than getting or staying ahead of some hot-shot who drives faster than he can without crashing.


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          With Crash and Burn, you're done for a heat, not the whole race. Some people don't have the space or $$$ to build there own. It's pretty rare not to see someone improve with help and guidance. Also, separating experienced drivers from novices can help. The experienced drivers get a clean race and the novice drivers are able to improve while competing against people of like skill.


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            Ah, I mis-read his post, then. Being kicked completely out of the race for about one off per two minutes is pretty harsh. That said, I'd be even more careful to stay on, especially after the 6th off. ;-) I'd be letting people pass me all over the place, just to avoid getting nerfed.

            I agree that it's nice to split up the racers according to skill, but not always practical, either, especially for small groups. EMSA isn't a large group, really. 10 racers on a good night. We also run multiple rounds of the series race, so usually each person gets 12 heats (one on each lane, three times).

            With DRAWW, my digital club, we race with track calls and stiff penalties for crashing, which are served through pit lane options such as stop and go, or damage repair, on top of the delay from when they crashed to when the track call kicks in, so they lose a good amount of lap length to start with.


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              When I raced 1/12th R/C cars we did three qually races and a final each. We put all the top drivers in the 'A' heats, the next best in the 'B' and so on. The loser of each combined heat dropped into the next heat whilst the winners went up one. It wasn't fair to have a noob wrecking the better guys cars through lack of control, it worked fantastically and when I started racing Slot cars in 2015 I couldn't understand why noobs went in with the top guys with the inevitable deslot-crash-deslot-crash-deslot-crash.
              When setting up heats I've been seeding the heats to keep the two extremes of driving ability apart with the added bonuses that the slower drivers don't have to keep slowing down every few laps to be lapped again and again and again whilst being more competitive themselves against other slower drivers so they get to experience racing someone instead of keeping out of the way.