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Are Ready-To-Race Cars Possible?

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    Deane, I do wish you would dry up.

    Not without a better motor. I have worked on that a bit.

    Ed Bianchi


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      That has been my point all along.

      You have created three threads, all connected, the theme being there should be cars one can buy that need no tuning at all.

      I don't believe such a thing is possible. I also don't believe such a thing is desirable either.


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        Ready-to-race as opposed to ready-to-run would only suit some racers, in our relatively small club we have those who prefer slow motors and those who prefer hugely overpowered motors with some in-between.
        If we had a one make car class with free choice of wheels/tyres/gears/guide/ballast I can guarantee no two would be the same so I agree with NR.


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          Even if it was possible to create cars that could not be made any faster, I don't think they'd be popular.

          They'd be very expensive to start with, maybe always.

          They'd take away one of the main attractions of slot car racing, improving the car.

          I know some people want slot car racing to be just about the driver, but it never has been. If you want to do a sport where how well you do is on you them any sport or hobby with a mechanical element is a crazy choice. But these people are out there, usually using that giveaway phrase 'a level playing field'.

          My two proudest times racing slot cars highlight the duality of that hobby. In one of the AFX six hour races I managed to win an hour soaking up pressure from two other cars half a lap behind for the whole stint. I had a good car, they had good cars, we were in comparable lanes. It was on us, all three of us drove at levels we'd not found before (or since).

          Some years before that I'd bought a WRC Citroen when the Pug was the thing to have. But I spent time finding out what was out there to make it better, by both trying things and researching what others did. I worked on that car for hours, and won several times against those pugs. Yes, it was not a driving improvement, but I still did it.

          On any given weekend there are 100s of thousands of people racing mechanical things, and striving to race them better and make them faster.
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            To read any further on this thread is Absolutely Pointless - because we all know that the topic is Unrealistic and will never come to be for one simple fact. No Two Race Courses are the same, therefore, to be able to Race and Win tires, suspension, weight distribution, and other factors need to be considered individually - just like in 1:1 racing, it's no different at 1:32 or 1:24 scale.
            Close this thread, it's greatly over cooked!


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