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Looking For Carrera Digital Racers in Phoenix AZ

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  • Looking For Carrera Digital Racers in Phoenix AZ


    We are looking to get racers for Carrera Digital Racers . Track is about 90' nice layout .

    We would like to get a group together all skill levels to come and race , Open to all classes of cars , and just Have fun .

    Racing usually Starts around 3pm Saturday and Sunday .

    This is the location and info :

    Total Control SlotCar Racing, Glendale, Arizona. ... 4920 w Thunderbird rd #124, Glendale, AZ, United States, Arizona. (623) 455-2169.

    I am not sure if this OK to post in this section ....... If not I do Apologize.

    I am just a customer who goes there , just trying to get more racers involved and enjoy the hobby so we can all enjoy and have fun . Its no fun racing against yourself or just 1 other racer.

    If you need , I can supply a loaner car that will be competitive ....

    We did have about 6-7 racers that came on consistent basis , but since Covid it has dropped off.

    Thanks Brian, I hope to see some new racer and make new friends .
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    Loaner car? Can I borrow one to drive from Michigan? I'll be there..


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      DW ,,

      I will loan you the car , just pay for the gas ! LOL

      All the Best , Brian